The United States this year’s hottest 13 start-ups

is consumer blowout of science and technology in 2015, a year, as follows, we will introduce since so far the best start-up companies. We put forward the best startups is comprehensive financing, efficiency, growth rate and investment rate of return the result of several aspects. Don’t miss the chance to get to know a them, here is the summary:

Hungryroot: pasta with vegetables do

what is it : the former company executives Ben McKean established Hungryroot company, committed to all kinds of vegetables into a delicious pasta. Hungryroot production pasta containing 70% and 70% – 70% of the vegetable protein. Noodles cooked potatoes, radishes, beets, pumpkins, squash and other kinds of vegetables with secret sauce, and can choose whether to join proteins. In the first month of its sales, orders or thousands.

amount :

$2 million

: investors erer Hippeau Ventures, lack Capital, Brooklyn Bridge, Ventures, and KarpReilly

website :

Periscope, born with a “Twitter gold spoon” live streaming media service app

what is it : in March, Twitter officially streaming service app Periscope online, but has not been released in February, Twitter has been paid to Periscope. Through the Periscope, users can easily to other people live video, audio and audience can comment on the host. And its rival the Meerkat, live content will be saved, you can replay again.

amount : not released

website :

The economic: elite exclusive dating software

what is it : The economic is an exclusive dating software elites, successful people. It was founded in San Francisco earlier this year, but just also established offices in New York. Amanda Bradford, The graduate of Stanford university, created The economic, is committed to single nobles has The positive sense of humor looking for their other half.

amount : $2.1 million in seed round

: investors Vlassopulos, IDG Ventures USA, Roman Feola, Naomi Gleit, Cowboy Ventures, XSeed Capital, Peter Kelly, Russ Siegelman, Mark Leslie, Allen DeBevoise, SherpaVentures, Structure Capital,

website :

Gogoro: electric pedal car tesla

what he : Gogoro was founded in 2011, before this year have been rare. The company has just at the CES conference launched a free of charge of intelligent electric scooter. Scooter by removable battery to provide energy, the company runs out of batteries can be said in power station to replace Gogoro located in major cities. Gogoro electric scooter is mainly used for commuting or short trips. Its top speed of 60 miles an hour, the range of 100 miles. Mobile phone app to Gogoro electric vehicles matching can be through the network connected to the cloud, real-time monitoring of driving conditions.

amount :

$300 million

: investors Dr. Yin and Cher Wang (HTC)

website :

Ride: make commuting more cheap, convenient, environmental protection

what is it : Uber, a former chief technology officer and Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick third founder Oscar Salazar earlier this year launched the “joy Ride” (Ride). “Joy ride” app on convenient commuter car pool, especially suitable for the public transport where no coverage. Its working principle is to a car and want to car pool to save money and has nearly commute with his colleagues match, to satisfy the needs of both sides.

amount : not released

website :

Honor: the need to find a care for the old app

what is it : Honor can find the door a care for the old people, but also can let the family know the old man. Honor does not like Uber, Lyft these based on the service demand, it is more hope for the old man’s care at the same time, can and they establish a long-term relationship. Honor will be to training of workers, and match the most suitable customers for them. For example a mandarin-speaking old man will match a care worker will also mandarin.

amount :

$20 million

: investors Kevin Colleran, missile Ventures, Homebrew, Jessica Alba, Jeremy Stoppelman, Max Levchin, Kapor Capital, Andreessen Horowitz

website :

Eero: eliminate home Wifi blind

what is it : home network card very very annoyed. Eero conveniently, is used to solve indoor Wifi blind spot, the solution is to use three Eero wireless router, via bluetooth or mesh network connected to each other, to extend the network. One of the three router connected to the modem, and then three routers through internal signals between two is linked together, to provide users with the best signal. Sells for $125 each triplet sells for $299. Has now begun to booking, a large number of shop goods is expected to begin this summer.

amount :

$5 million

: investors AME Cloud Ventures, an Initialized Capital, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Homebrew, Menlo Ventures, First Round

to run the official web site: Https://

Even: help your monthly balance

what is it : Even a smartphone app, it can help the low income earners to balance. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull