The UK health care O2O platform Zesty booking A $7.2 million round of funding

UK healthcare company Zesty booking A round of funding plan recently over, received $7.2 million, led by innovation capital venture capital firm, qualcomm vc, Maya capital took part in the financing plan. Current investors mangrove partner, TA vc and ABRT funds are involved. The company planned to extend market in UK and other European regions.

in January 2013, led by mangrove investment secret after absorbing seed money, Zesty and in April 2014, attracting $2 million in seed money.

as early as 2013, Zesty starts to focus on personal and national health care system (NHS) a beta version of a dentist appointment platform, is used to test its business model, and since then, the company began in Britain different urban expansion in other business in the field of health care, such as private gp, physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic therapy, foot massage, sports massage, beauty and health services.

at present, Zesty has 15 or more towns and cities in the UK to carry out the business, and going to the end of the year gradually extended to the British “main” towns and cities. Has in its current booking platform of medical health care professionals with more than 3500, an increase of more than 2000 people in April 2014. Is said to have 40000 users a month through a Zesty appointment health care services.

new to raise funds will be used to accelerate the development of London and the previously mentioned a wide range of business development in the UK. At the same time it also targeting in Western Europe, the plan in the next 18 months to the main cities in Western Europe. Zesty said mainly aimed at the European market including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Switzerland.

other like the network in the United States and Poland DocPlanner entrepreneurial companies are also becoming more and more targeted in the field of active, it is not surprising that you know only on-demand company can seize more opportunities.

the longitudinal comparison, such as Britain’s Toothpick (dental care platform) and RightClinic (with laser eye surgery and cosmetic treatment), they provide different experts in the field of timely provide important appointment has guiding significance to the solution, this a bonus for them.

Zesty, co-founder of Roy DE price for TechCrunch last year, said the goal is to establish a health care service search engine, users can find not only, and it is filtered through highly detailed preference selection, finally found the corresponding professional therapy, such as the use of language choice.

Zesty reservation platform integrates the existing health care providers of practice management software, the use of their APIs (application programming interface). At the same time, it also provides a b2b (business to business) tools to run and manage the online reservation system and small business, like Google calendar or Outlook of the model. It also for those who still use paper management enterprise service appointment.

innovation capital florian Leonard and mangrove David tommaso rocchi and brought new money, so will join the board of directors of Zesty. Also, qualcomm miles card than as members of the observation of the board of directors.

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