The transfer of information from computer to mobile phone, a Google search can easily fix

look at mobile phone and computer synchronization function, launched many details function make Android phones and desktop computers connected more closely. New features such as the recent Google browser and mobile phone synchronization, the user can be in the browser location information, notes or reminder sent to their mobile phone easily.

this feature is very convenient, just put the Android device update and correct setting can be enabled. The user to enter a “send notes to the mobile phone in the search bar” or “send the position information to the mobile phone”, then dialog box will pop up Google card type, the user to enter what they find the further information and delivery confirmation. These data will be in the form of a notice sent to the user’s mobile phone. In addition to the location information and notes, users can also send reminding, warning, or even through the Google search bar on the computer immediately find your mobile phone’s position.

this feature is seen as a synchronization function between Chrome and Android operating system extension. History search information and the label in the seamless synchronization function between the two platforms already for several years, at the same time, Google Maps search also began to supporters synchronization function of two platforms. Although after Google Chrome to Phone browser plug-in, and realize the data sharing between the computer and mobile Phone, but now is rooted in the search box directly compared the new system, the latter is obviously more convenient. However this feature is not Google initiative, iOS 8 previously launched a high-profile Handoff function, make the data switching between Apple devices, while Google’s move is a powerful response to it.


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