The spiritual demand is the life just need heart bud power O2O spiritual growth

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

add spiritual growth O2O platform this phase main online activities and course registration

work, the fast pace of life, modern people’s psychological pressure increases gradually, the mind training and grow very strong demand, a variety of soul and spiritual mentor workshop so developed rapidly in China. Shenzhen Liu Gen found at present domestic has not been a good channel and platform to integrate related resources, so at the beginning of this year launched the “heart bud” project – a O2O platform for spiritual growth. Core members of our team a total of three people, including product and technical personnel have more than 10 years experience in mobile Internet, marketers have come from the heart.

heart bud Android official version released in mid-may, iOS version is online. Product main spiritual growth from the current version online activities and course registration, free homepage enjoy private notes, salons and recommend the mind. Heart bud courses have commonweal salon, parent-child mothering, zen tea blindly, yoga meditation 12 sectors, such as the user to choose according to their own interest. In addition, heart bud circle as a spiritual growth sharing community, there are users about exquisite article and the latest comment to spiritual growth.

heart bud team hopes to build a closed-loop O2O mind industrial chain

add O2O spiritual growth of products is also many, for example from began operating in 2011 Beijing “explore”, have their own industry magazine heart to explore. Hunting before cloud network reported similar products are: focus on individual mental health of cloud service platform, committed to the spread of the application of psychology. Heart bud founder Liu Gen hope for their products is very big, hope in the future will create a closed-loop O2O mind industrial chain.

“heart bud of the first phase of the product positioning in the industries of transverse through institutions, establish a unified resource exports and user entry, solve industry information opaque pain points in the first place. Products of the ultimate goal would be to forge a spirit industry, similar hot mama help locate in mother build an industry chain, is spiritual growth and healthy demand for domestic users with online services such as consulting, recommended resources, social platform. We will set up offline experience center, build online and offline combined with real closed-loop O2O industrial chain.” Heart bud founder Liu Gen convective cloud network when it comes to the development of the project in the future.

heart industry market in the blue ocean Heart bud is

about the business model, the heart bud will generate revenue through meet the needs of the user’s mind, online course book is divided into a primary revenue model. In the future it will integrate healthy heart, online consulting, tourism, such as heart electricity mode, build the nation’s largest spiritual service platform, develop the mind industry market. According to understand, the heart bud team is currently in angel financing.

the market is small, fast development, regional and potential user requirements is spiritual growth of O2O industry characteristics. How to dig out the potential customers? How to establish organization, platform and the viscosity between user? Is heart bud team will face in the products and operation of practical problems.