The smart Phone: Light Phone

hunting cloud network May 22

Light Phone reverse the trend in today’s mobile Phone, mobile phones function regression. It’s lightweight, ultra-thin, and standby time for 20 days, can only answer the call. I don’t know if it is not the best mobile phone, but it’s the price of $100 is turning me on.

you must be curious about what is it function? The answer is no. You just need to plug into a SIM card, equipped with batteries, occupy a call. It has no browser, no games, no NFC; Only practical function of the speed dial and 20 days of standby time.

this is New York Google ‘s under 30 weekes incubator project, the designers for Joe and Hollier Kaiwei Tang, two people had previously engaged in design work, including Kaiwei has a mobile phone design experience.

Hollier said: “since the Seneca puts forward the viewpoint to cherish the present time, many wise people have identity, that is what we design the phone in the first place. People for a long time staring at the phone’s screen, ignorance of the passing of time without sleep, and ignored the many wonderful around. So we design a Light Phone, hope to help people find the balance between mobile Phone and the real world, let them with health status to return to the social communication.”

in other words, the designer’s goal is to make users as little as possible to use their own products. This phone has 500 minutes in advance of talk time, USB charging line, but in fact the user needs to charge opportunity seldom, because its function calls only. In May 2016, listed the product plan, to look forward to this one simple phone, really is a long waiting.

Point is:

this product function is the most Jane, no need to update.

Hollier said: “this kind of mobile phone do not need to update. We design it to express an idea: to follow science and technology to when people are really the best way to enjoy life? We are not against technology (in fact we have joined the business incubator, and passionate about it), but that design should be people-oriented, science and technology from the design point of view of long-term benefit product of people’s life. Light Phone is a prelude to rather than close, in this way, we still have many ideas want to play.”


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