The small donkey: outbound travel to make a low price optional supermarkets, with technical advantage to become “little ctrip”

(article/who 闫森)

if James liang twice at the helm of ctrip some time earlier, founder of the micro donkey He Lining wouldn’t choose to leave. An interview you could feel that the had spent eight years in ctrip, ctrip development director, and released in March 2012 as ctrip international air ticket, head of the new platform. To establish and to develop the multiple teams, all business areas involved in ctrip. Also won the outstanding leadership award “shy people” have a deeper love for ctrip .

when you mention where to rivals, such as speaking of ctrip’s status is still in a lion dance, just look up He Lining keep the default, but when you say other products than ctrip technology, that the cow force He Lining will quickly retorted, “ctrip’s technical strength is the best, although there are all kinds of internal problems, but the technological innovation has been maintained. Is out to do the little donkey, but also for internal reasons. Do you think internal entrepreneurship easily? Is too difficult, all kinds of resistance, the micro donkey do is transparent the tourism market, will reach the ctrip interest income. But if James liang came back early, maybe he is willing to revolution .

the donkey doing what thing? earlier through technology engine provide international air ticket more lines for outbound users do phone APP search service, recently launched the small donkey PC version, leading to fuzzy search article provides users with a whole complete line back and forth solutions . How does the straightforward to understand? He Lining tell hunting cloud network, as an example to illustrate, if a user search Luzon, but Luzon is not a city, central city is gillis, a user search Luzon, micro donkey will be joining together from Shanghai to Hong Kong for the user, round-trip route to the city center, Hong Kong. If the normal search Luzon, OTA will recommend price than many small donkey line combination recommend you.

why otas don’t want to do? He Lining tell hunting cloud network technology on large power company can to catch up with him, but they were not present to do research and development, vigorously to promote. Because of OTA do platform, platform under a pile of small and medium-sized suppliers, tourism market is actually in the buying and selling information opaque. The donkey is in transparent this market as soon as possible. But we also have weak, is too technical, we didn’t give a person the sense of foreign travel. We perform too “hard” . Twenty men’s team, half is technology. We will recruit next editor, the editor of travel guides, communities do have a mature heart, no longer just a simple system grab is recommended.

the donkey is now two products, the mobile APP micro micro donkey donkey and PC search platform, micro donkey APP set fares recommended after the origin, main do every day to the user recommendation engine found fares. The user can also focus on the destination, have a special push notifications. Mobile version also recently completed the transaction closed loop, pay don’t jump, and formed the dealing with after-sales service team.

the PC version of the donkey search platform is now 1.0 stage, customization features are highlighted. User personalized choice travel more convenient, but payment need to jump. He Lining tell hunting cloud network, users the most concern for many overseas tourism focused on the ticket, hotel, visa, etc., so the future will focus on the little donkey the user (do this a few areas, team development ticket yuan search engine will strengthen cost-effective ticket is recommended. Visa will introduce partner to complete, will choose to join hotel suppliers, do data docking. To get cheap tickets + hotel to make packaging, zero thinking to users.

so He Lining said: “the future of the donkey is more like a” small ctrip “outbound travel. First outbound let users willing to micro donkey look at first, the future outbound travel like a supermarket, a user can match, since pick are optional. Visa, air tickets, hotel, landing guide (cooperation properties such as: balls earth) closed-loop complete one-stop service. Even trivial urban tickets, tickets, train tickets can be implemented using data through. This year’s goal is to finish the hotel, visa and other core plate, making tiny little donkey thought in my mind as soon as possible of 2.0.

: you can find, the chat He Lining have deep technical plot, talk about the technical implementation, are all a pair of appearance, but also have a technical man shy. Appearance before media interview are to other colleagues. They choose to hide behind the scenes, meet on attack technology, but now also come to walk in front of the Shouting.

so, a tourism product is not only one cavity technology enthusiasm can complete, ctrip is not, where no. You see, ctrip with ten years of “kara customers – online/telephone booking – transaction” build the mouse + cement can be so the wolves. Let alone the online travel market all sorts of start-up companies also are eroding. In the Internet, only change is the future.