The slums of youth entrepreneurship: intelligent fitness mirror Smartspot birth story

the childhood Moawia Eldeeb and his family live in a small farm in the Nile. And the vast majority of farmers, they worked hard, live a life of ease is calm. Such beautiful days in the long term, before you know it lasted for decades.

but when Eldeeb brother soon after the birth was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease – ectoderm dysplasia, originally quiet life were broken. It is a set of the ectoderm developmental defects of congenital diseases, involving the skin and its adjacent structures, such as teeth and eyes, or spread to the central nervous system, sometimes may be associated with other abnormalities. Therefore, Eldeeb little brother can’t sweat. But unfortunately the damp climate, the condition of Eldeeb brother added to the gloom.

Eldeeb’s father in the past 15 years, adhere to apply for a U.S. citizen card. Fortunately, he happened to be dealt with a success. Born in about two weeks or so, Eldeeb brother Eldeeb a decided to emigrate to the United States, start a new life.

Eldeeb father said: since the child’s illness, we have no choice, only immediately moved to the United States. We decided to settle in New York, we love this city, we can adapt to the life here.”

at first, Eldeeb settled in New York on after a few weeks to learn. But Eldeeb families need more economic source, and out of school so Eldeeb at astor leah queens a pizza shop to find a 12-hour shifts. So, Eldeeb family can get $20 a day with additional income. Summer in New York, Eldeeb a brother to take a bath, take turns to Eldeeb to prevent sweating.

Eldeeb as a child had just immigrated to the United States, working at a pizza shop in queens.

Eldeeb said: “my father failed to successfully find a job in New York, we can’t afford to pay the rent. So we have to return to Egypt to rally for the time being.”

pizza place shift work influenced the learning of Eldeeb, so he didn’t normally read junior high school.

however, Eldeeb family houses have been burned in an accident. Reason is a careless mechanic repair water heater while smoking a cigarette when accidentally triggered an explosion. Afterwards, a Eldeeb was settled in a Red Cross shelter.

unfortunately often followed, but a Eldeeb was a blessing in disguise.

the first time in a long period of time, a Eldeeb don’t have to worry about the rent, and food can be bought with the Red Cross provides food stamps. So Eldeeb can consider some self development.

Eldeeb choose a harlem free gym exercise. Even Eldeeb skinny, but he is in local children’s care. They teach Eldeeb how to use the fitness equipment to build you up.

Eldeeb said: “the people around you encourage me, give me courage, this is the first time I believe that my life will be better and better. For the first time, I think I can be successful.”

Eldeeb khan began to watch video of the college teaching learning knowledge. He very carefully watch every teaching video and go to school attend classes at the weekend.

Eldeeb completed high school courses, within one year after he entered the queen’s school of applied mathematics. Eldeeb learned that a major adjustment plan, he decided to go to Columbia to study computer science. In the road of studying Eldeeb, he also participated in the Google and Reddit, co-founder of Alexis Ohanian jointly plan a non-profit activity. Aimed at the church queens residents how to code.

is amazing trip to Colombia. That autumn, Humans of New York photographer Brandon Stanton spotted Eldeeb in the subway and took this picture below.

Eldeeb and I talked, he accidentally mentioned that he is not too to adapt to life in Colombia. I will let him talk about detailed reasons.

Eldeeb said: “I was born in Egypt, help parents farming, 3 grade didn’t go to school. Then we moved to the United States to live for a year. My fourth grade, because my father didn’t find jobs in the United States. Due to the difficult life we returned to Egypt to live for a year. I first formal school is a junior high school, but the school all the students in a class, and I am learning while part-time job to sustain my family. I was underage went to work, although it is illegal but there was nothing I could do. When I finally up to high school, my house a fire. So we have a live to the Red Cross shelter, and volunteering in the inside, it can solve the problem of our family life. I khan by watching college teaching video and self-study to make up for lost knowledge in nine years, and successfully passed the high school entrance exam. Finally, I entered the queens college. I study there for two years, and now to the Columbia study computer science. It’s unbelievable for me, because everyone is heading for the best to Colombia and education to go to school.

many students don’t know Eldeeb past. But Humans of New York photos after release, the students began to try to help Eldeeb out of the shadow of the past.

Eldeeb work-study during the university, as a personal trainer. He used in harlem gym learn skills to help students exercise.

in Columbia in the study of computer science project, Eldeeb met his partner, specializing in computer vision Joshua Augustin, who also became a co-founder of future startups.

as a result of personal trainer in a period of time can only be one to one, so too restrictive. So Eldeeb want to find a can make a lot of people at the same time get the fitness guidance method. In big cities like New York, San Francisco, please trainer costs more than 100 dollars per hour. This is rather expensive.

combination Augustin to computer vision, made the Smartspot Eldeeb and Augustin design together. Smartspot is not really a mirror, but a display screen. Cooperate with Microsoft access cameras, you can see your fitness/image on the display. In the picture, also can show you the range of motion. Your hand, for example, lift on two pieces of dumbbells to do exercises, beside your elbow will be a degree of value, if met the requirement of the amplitude, digital will turn green. It also has regular tracking function, can record your practice and the rest of the time.

and, more importantly, Smartspot can also record your fitness video, you can replay the video to see you in what place needs to be improved, it is very convenient, very affordable. Personal training is like a haircut, it is a not circulation service, this means that you are looking for a full-time coach one-on-one.

in practical level, this means personal coach in fitness peak charge high fees to make up for the loss brought by the fitness of season.

Eldeeb and Augustin Smartspot should increase a easy communication function. If a user sends his fitness video to the Internet, fitness enthusiasts can exchange experiences, learn from each other to improve, encourage each other.

Eldeeb and Augustin sell Smartspot bid $2500 to the gym. Gym memberships are free to use, but if you need additional personal training, using Smartspot compared with those of hiring a private coach than Smartspot can save you a considerable cost.

in Potrero Hill gym Eldeeb found that 60% of the members in the use of Smartspot.

Eldeeb said: “when I was working as a fitness coach, see the way many people exercise in the gym, or even wrong. Maybe they can not afford a personal trainer. And my ideal is to make the training more democratized.”

now Smartspot products displayed on the famous American business incubator Y Combinator. Eldeeb parents don’t know what Y Combinator, they don’t even know what is at Columbia University.

Eldeeb said: “even if my father doesn’t know the job I have now, and I don’t know how to run a company in the United States, but he has always supported me. He is convinced that I can be certain of success.”

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