The report tell you smart watch what users care most about the service

note: hunting cloud smart watch has become the biggest concern now wearable products, nut shell electron as domestic actively explore in the field of intelligent equipment and layout have made considerable effects. On February 9, just released less than two months after the latest generation of products the world’s first round dial smart watches, nut shell smart round table sales have reached 100000! Once again proved that the smart watch market demand is very considerable. Nut shell electron which has become the most understanding of user requirements of the company. Published on the company’s recent can watch users use analysis report, showed the smart watch what service users enjoy the most? What are the most popular application?

report points are as follows:

this report based on the round table shells intelligence 96389 active users effectively after finishing the use of data analysis, the time span for December 21, 2014 – February 16, 2015.

7 into user will rise from the perspective of a current monitoring data, the results of seven shell smart round table users in the use of the latest version of the ROM. The user can enter the system to update the menu update, or watch the wi-fi networking will push after the news, to remind user to update.

the shells can you draw from this data intelligent round table of users have been familiar with the use of smart devices, able to skillfully use watches update functionality.

users frequently use the watch, the highest light screen 135 times!

if you don’t light up the screen, nut shell smart round table similar to a traditional electronic watch, and the light screen, users can use the intelligent functions, including information remind, pedometer, heart rate and so on.

more than 7 into the users every day the number of active light fruit shell smart round table screen more than 10 times, the highest one user light screen number 135! From the point of the data, the user is to use the nut intelligent round table frequency is very high.

is very concerned about the weather and health

the shells intelligent round table with more than 10 app, after exclusion of GEAK market (app store), the application of the highest utilization rate of “weather” “pedometer” and “heart”.

from the results, “weather” is the user’s demand, and the nut in intelligent “weather” application of the round table with AQI (index) of air environmental quality. Haze weather now, now is just need to understand the AQI index, at the same time remind is more suitable for the weather information in smart wristwatch.

the nut “pedometer” application of intelligent round table can have been working in the background, does not need frequent user interaction, and at present, including smart watches, one of the main functions of intelligent wearable products, has been widely received by users.

heart rate applications can currently only in nut shell smart round table Pro provides, can came third more surprising, perhaps this round table illustrates the nut intelligence user application of health demand is high.

WiFi master key is just one of the most popular watch independent networking to

the shells in intelligent round table “GEAK market” 14 app, users need to download to use actively, downloads in the top five is “WiFi master key” “tape recorder” “call clearance” “on the alarm clock” and “remote” music.

the nut intelligent round table can cast off the yoke of the smart phone, independent wi-fi Internet access, and the application for the nut “WiFi master key” smart round table provides one-click quick connect WiFi function, at the same time “WiFi master key” has more than 500 million users, so ranked first in the GEAK market downloads are not surprising.

fruit shell smart round table is equipped with MIC, “tape recorder” applications can take advantage of the MIC, record the business meeting, conference and other occasions sounds, and so on.

the other calls “clearance” is a very interesting applications, is also the nut intelligence in a round table marketing selling point, the user is interested in it.

“the punctual alarm clock” is a well-known application, developers for the nut smart round table to customize the special version, very suitable for smart watches this using vibration to remind wrist device, “music” class is also a must-have smart phone application, nut shell “music remote” function of intelligent round table can easily interact with smartphone devices such as operation.

from the current data, smart watch users are a group of gamers have been familiar with smart devices, they generally have high smartphone, users have been familiar with the Internet, like online at any time, compare to health care, also should be a universal intelligent watch independent of mobile devices.

but smart watches how to attract players outside of the group, is a problem of all market participants need to be solved.

it is worth mentioning that other shells electronic at the same time also on user sampling survey, the results showed that the user to select fruit shell smart round table rather than other smart watches, the top two was the cause of good looks and long standby time, at the same time, there are more than eighty percent of the users for shells intelligence adopted by the round table circular modelling of traditional watches, agrees.

in a standby time survey, only 3.7% of users can accept smart watch day to charge; 15% of the users want to smart watch will standby at least 3 days; If they could be standby for five days, 60% of users believe is already very satisfactory, and can provide on standby for a week or more, almost all users that have reached their claim to smart watches on standby.