The raising of equity entrepreneurs: why are you?

cloud network hunting note: by the way, the raise to become the current hot word, one more entrepreneurs financing channels. To the project, launched at least you have to ask yourself before, what is the purpose of my raise. Simple to solve the problem? Looking for a product or service consumers even preachers? Or the group together to cover other?

the author: Li Beichen (WeChat male number: the future – is – “coming)

in an article, Kevin kelly singled out to include wearable device, large data cloud, electronic currency and other 12 disruptive technology, which is the last item on the equity and the raise, you know, 11 are in front of the science and technology itself, raise is only stake in the business model. Sound familiar? About 100 years ago, another white hair and beard “prophet”, Marx had believed that shareholding system itself is one of the few human system of several great inventions.

in fact, the public to collect, in the broadest sense of the human has a long history, and when this kind of financing way through to the startup time, good imagination of “national investment” will comply to. As from the community, the fan works, such as equity and the raise also is one of the flagship of the Internet thinking, but people are hoping also was in confusion and unease, that much of the reason is because that anything chicken soup: forget why start?

two ways: to the project, before you have to ask yourself, at least I what is the purpose of the raise. Simple to solve the problem? Looking for a product or service consumers even preachers? Or the group together to cover other? For investors, especially those who just want to make a hot spare cash value of the ordinary people, the raise of equity is compatible or not? The raising of equity is suitable for what kind of? Now, after all, to a certain extent, the emergence of the raised platform is nowhere to put one of the results of the folk capital. So, in order to avoid the raise became “the sorrow”, the above problems is very important.

led and

first mentioned from hot spots.

any trend has not been spared from giant keen vision, due to the incoming jingdong, for a period of time in the past, the word “led to the fire. In fact, including angel hui “quickly”, everyone vote “one thousand yuan”, a lot of the raised platform are essentially “led to” model of variant.

there is no doubt that led the people is the core of the model elements. Private equity investment is a kind of fast, surrounded by all kinds of uncertainty, has a very high requirements on led people, this also let them become a domestic platform of scarce resources.

what’s the use of single people? You know, all the raise equity generally found in start-ups, start-ups theme is closed (believe you also hear these two Numbers: 90% and 95%). Of course, once there may be one hundred times more return on project success, so the essence, vc spell is probability. I saw the data, said last year over 86 projects, sequoia cast in 82, most of them will die in the coming quietly, but you will remember forever is the lucky dog.

well, professional qualities required of investors is a “big heart”. They with optimistic attitude, as well as to the risk identification and ability, the whole business world as a great adventure, most people don’t have this quality (well, mainly because there is no sufficient spread risk capital). So the basic consensus, and everyone to be “angel” unlikely – especially in a hanging even the stock market to sign saying “stock market risky market need to be careful. Ordinary investors without professional ability or improve the exit mechanism, so its investment almost akin to gambling.

of course, if you really not bad money, this model may be very suitable for you, will be when thousands of yuan to buy a lottery ticket.

equity share: cafe enlightenment

what about others? So-called big bet killed the cat, the small wager chief use for delight, is also to buy lottery tickets, you can try different from “led to” the other patterns – for example, the raise equity split type based on community.

a sense, the equity share the most conforms to the people for all the good imagination to raise. After all, everyone partnership, joint venture achieve vision is very attractive, and didn’t get a person, may mean that the public investors have relatively certain common cognitive on the same project. So this model is common in those with this “fantasy” an entity shop – among them, the line to the cost is relatively low, public space attribute, dense and can round a lot of people the most representative literary dream cafe.

in fact, early investors is a very strong professional profession, dependent on money and their professional ability and external resources, more important is a symbiotic relationship with entrepreneurs. And on the raised platform, as most ordinary investors across the cold screen select project, simply take the money to buy into, what seems to be the value of the future of the enterprise has some discount (of course, there are led people will participate in the subsequent corporate governance). You know, ideally, an investor also consumers, best disseminator, the seller as well as management and advisor. But for the stake in the raised platform on most of the product is in its infancy, as an ordinary investors, believe and entrepreneurs to symbiotic relationship is not a high priority.

in many people’s opinion, this kind of symbiotic relationship can be based on the community, and the investment object is closely related to people’s life reflected in stores of the raise. Take the coffee shop, in 2014, the country almost all at the same time to raise a lot of cafes, some of them was very successful.

however, there are also some gray. Full equality for all these shareholders equity ratio of the cafe, it is not easy to stick to the “small but beautiful”. Because too divided and may lead to incentive and constraint mechanism is not sound, the logic behind the normal, some investors are to experience a “master of pleasure”, management? Is there anybody else not?

in fact, compared to professional investors, most of ordinary investors use spare time the raise, participation is not high, many don’t even care about revenue. A post, a sponsor the raise cafe helplessly wrote: “opening day I as the founder, sponsors, already found the problem, and behind the doomed failure. 50 shareholders from eight in the morning when the makeup until 1 PM, everyone wants a little more beautiful, slow, almost no one thought of (including me), his role is to shareholders today, on the day of the event is not the catwalk, but a opening promotion.” To the shareholders’ committee for the first time only to more than 30 people, a lot of people say that must go to work or take care of the kids. “Hiring a 20000 micro shareholders, many small shareholders voted in 20000 was never seen again, after May 20000 was nothing for her, but the is not only to raise raise money, the heaviest if raise and raise intelligence.” She said, “by the shareholders at least accounted for more than 60-70% of the shares.”

well, back to the opening that problem, launched what is the purpose of the raise? Also the coffee shop, for one, as far as I know, these small cafes selling coffee alone profit very not easy, but if you raise aims to expand the contacts and business opportunities, don’t even do not care about revenue, that’s another story.

“experiential” equity the raise

so, the key problem: for those small risk tolerance and want assets value, whether for equity and the raise? The raising of equity or for what?

well, personally, I think you just to buy financial products. But if you want to experience a “master of pleasure”, and don’t want to spend on the management idea, so natural to try a so-called “experiential” the raise pattern.

this the raise project with beer and skittles, more tangible life service class to give priority to. Actually in many industry insiders point of view, than the prospect of flutter, professional demand and high technology project, this kind of tangible projects are more likely to be “popular” investors to accept. At the moment there is a kind of based on finance + the raise way of community economy, the so-called “guaranteed” the raised platform – almost all of the shares online all the raise project brand party guarantee investors annualized gain of 10-12% per year. In all its the raise project, a project of brand party a 51% stake in the raise branch, the rest of the raised platform only responsible for the raise 49%, behind the business logic is: by selling less than 50% of the equity financing, small shareholders are not directly involved in the business (anyway, most people can’t even see results… ) to ensure that the brand in receive money at the same time not lose control of their own brand, continue to use directly operate — you know, for a chain enterprise “is the pursuit of”, “speed” and “quality” often contradiction.

so the question comes, ensure annual revenue, brand why they don’t invest in? Bai, the answer is simple – to play community the moment investors become shareholders directly into a fan, of course, as consumers, disseminator and sellers.

but have to admit, in essence, which guaranteed the equity of the raise pattern is really just a way of “perceived” money management – believe me, if you were born to be a gambler, this way too gentle investment certainly doesn’t fit you, you’d better hurry to invest in the next “alibaba”.

so, when we talk about the equity and the time-averaged are we talking about? Outside the two charge actually almost all behaviors of switch: fear and greed of human nature.

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