“The queen” class Huang Huan entrepreneurial insight: women struggle and please just the beginning of the road

note: hunting cloud female entrepreneurship in domestic in recent years began spreading, in spite of this, they should assume more responsibility than male entrepreneurs and public opinion. Head FINDFUN advocates, as for the queen, the media hot mouth rings, Beijing huan whether information technology co., LTD., founder and CEO Huang Huan in 38 women’s days as to share their entrepreneurial experience and observation, said her world is coming, in the true sense of the road of women struggle and please have only just begun.

the author | Huang Huan

it is 38 women’s days column, so something to 38. Also I frequently asked question: beauty once business, will both beautiful to have no girlfriend, and have no boyfriend?

I entrepreneurship in 1999, is now 16 years. Before the age of 25, I almost no female friends, I can live for the female enemies; Various has been maligned by the hate jealous of rejection. But the male popularity is quite good. Englishwoman of feminine beauty, have a few minutes of talented living to orders for the world all let oneself is very normal.

25 to 35 years old, is a golden decade of my career. Because of focus on my career, a two or three slowly has been based on the resource exchange and common words some girlfriend, and generous, have the ability to take care of the same kind, gradually also had to play the woman poured out shopping partner to work with.

a queen type of woman, her social way, often by intelligence to win the respect of the men of peace, and with the strength to make similar attachment you take advantage of you and get close friendship. Don’t admit that you carefully read the small times, entrepreneurial female social dilemma, a “gu” is enough to show.

in the gu if not assuming all girlfriends all beer and skittles, who accompanied her moon river swim? No woman is willing to stand for a long time in another woman better than his shadow everywhere, unless the profitable. Are kept to almost all of the best friend in the gu, also not necessarily can get thanks and loyalty, critical moment, each have their own plan. But everyday, also close, with little sister. Life is not a story, not so much need to torture dramatic scenes of human nature. Business woman, naturally intelligent people, also won’t go to force the human nature. So, flowers, ancient wine cup, a friend is not less.

however, as the business by leaps and bounds, deter men more and more, receive spend less and less. In the 70 s most of the men straight men, self-esteem is very strong, Chinese cabbage is their best choice.

after 35 years old, I began to have interest can rely on the girlfriends, dare to bother them, dare to betray oneself, dare to jointly develop the market. Around a woman more and more wonderful. But also more and more of the man don’t like me. Together with my arrogance and won’t will end company, study Tours, asked, TV show, drive search, anyway, all sorts of unlikely but love in my heart, have tried a second time. Small business into a woman, not the bureau count, retirement and are still beauty, not the work of energy involved, so that the enthusiasm of the excess lively blossom everywhere, once people sickened.

my brother and my mom said, “don’t elder sister such women gave me.” My mom to shield me, saying, “your elder sister like to have a crush on you?” But in private with my tears and said, “daughter, enough is enough, we have been very successful, we will no longer?

a woman ah, again good also to marry well is better than done. But in order to be a good wife gave birth to a child, let the girl learn housekeeping rather than science. Is girl’s talent can only be used for the husband education child? And then get some withstand scrutiny by the honorary title of others never show outsiders to perform a successful life?

I actually feel happy. Because you like, I just don’t have the unusual way. Is considered to be no friends. Is my parents only saw her daughter’s tough efforts, didn’t see someone else’s daughter is becoming more and more outstanding. I don’t really lonely.

a startup of the woman’s biggest social disorder, but actually not disapprove of the outside world, more let her tears, often from the internal resistance, is ao preserved child, husband, is the need to obey and service, and even afraid of daughter too strong to be isolated and suffer parents.

but even so, my girlfriend list is still growing, more and more interesting. If you think that most women don’t understand amorous feelings, hard no fun, you are wrong. When women have the ability to ascend at this level, it is often more lively and rich than men of the same class. And began to appreciate.

I think mainly experienced the early stage of the competition and selection are still down repeatedly women are relatively more confident. Also had a fight to compare themselves to gay rivalry, know the importance of win-win.

she world is coming, with women as the opinion leader of her point of view, her products, marketing, she must be based on her feelings, her choice. Future business leaders must understand a woman, want to have enough real first-hand experience to skin, and enough atmosphere FuHui their heart. Straight men Biao are no carcinoma and green tea. Real men love women and understand enough self-love women will become the master of the world in the future. Business women are teaming up to appreciate their men, to win the world together.

those who worry about women entrepreneurship, will not beautiful girlfriend, strong no boyfriend, actually quite good fun. To know one mountain more than one mountain high, you more beautiful, beautiful people this day and age, hairdressing cosmetic technology is good to let holds enough money women don’t have to worry about appearance. What beautiful will is configuration, at least not a competitive advantage. Besides, again how tough now also is still a patriarchal society. Man the advantage of accumulated for thousands of years, he is not worried about won’t drop you just take out a few goblins? Chinese cabbage lined up waiting to be eat, but it was too easy, also very boring, isn’t it?

everybody eager to put the magnitude of people gathered around, good power-and-power union, keeping abreast.

will sour, mostly in the line and will not be able to bully a benevolent man, no income homemakers and attachment of the patriarchal Biao green tea. Business woman flourishingly touches their sensitive nerve, and not to be independent and the sense of crisis and inferiority complex.

among them, hanging job title disguised as women in the workplace green tea is the most adept at GongDou. They walked on the one hand, by the name of the man behind shortcut, on the one hand, trying to dig through the media really capable woman behind the private affair. In an attempt to reverse black and white. This world, let a woman jumped fastest is her the name of the man, let a woman fastest a smelly what was her man’s name. This kind of bad, on this day, is becoming more and more little effect. Now female entrepreneurship, neural robust, don’t leave a “hang him” what of words, such as suicide to prove innocence.

we even don’t care about others’ eyes we is not clean, not to judge, and shake the ego identity. Is the age of the Internet’s basic quality of entrepreneurs. Recently, especially women, chai jing, especially let me seen the so-called no bottom line freedom of opinion, be in a group of people, how dirty hands. Some of our character doesn’t even have practical ability, to attack a woman back and forth is a personal morals personal life. I feel strange. Even if wendi meme such obvious green tea and schemer also had never been so attack. Do you want to be a thing of female journalists, situation how can be so hard?

however, don’t be scared. Chai jing is not alone, her friends list and supporters, as well as a dime a dozen. Just play with oneself to like people. Support has the ability of women to do a career is not in the minority.

besides, female entrepreneurship is not a porcelain doll. Loneliness, no punishment for us, is a gift, is a privilege, is can help us to settle, see more think more, don’t be boring drag in a way. Sometimes, we don’t want to the outside world vision so need friends. This kind of things can not find. Do your flowers butterfly tap.

if women don’t work hard, it is impossible to unearned gain respect. Will not be respected and how can have the opportunity to improve the rights and interests of the ethnic status?

men no incentives and motivation to help outstanding women to change the situation, they would like to see women even kill each other finally, the jurisdiction in their hands, you haven’t seen a group of poor men together with a group of excellent women disdain and sarcasm? And women don’t want to work together to join this group of men have, laugh hard struggle of women, in order to maintain their unearned superiority.

“I let you love work such as the life of women no one dare to marry not go out; I let you for women or not a child, I let you bad a drop-dead gorgeous, finally created wealth to those of us who don’t matter production but fertile children’s hands, I let you alone, regret go!” — — — — — these things are familiar?

technically, these pain points in indeed! Entrepreneurship is the standard criteria of vulnerable groups of women, and face the niche of extinction.

but this group of women, it is precisely this world the most brave and bright, beautiful and tenacious life, they have both courage and ability to create a career, how will face the survival dilemma lay down and die? So, why not can be tough and coquetry parts? Why can’t ability and charm? Why, between a woman and a woman can not be together?

I believe that there will be more and more have independent thinking and action of women he who sees through it, while she, trying to make money at the same time, to reshape the social values and women reengineering evaluation system. More and more of a new generation of women, to yearn for a life full of pride, and not only is a rich life. They must be the master of money not only, more to do the master of his own fate.

male power successful women because of too much please value choice system and to please men, and will be lost in a new round of business ideas voice and speak ability! Profiling is the goddess of the image will be abandoned, business woman will show more and more rich individual character and charm, has become more and more popular.

as for the flesh to conquer intrigue behind this concept will gradually before battle-hardened more and to know the man of self-protection and blank and failure! Most of the time will take the bait loser — no resources in the world and no more choice. Believe me, a growing number of really good men will wake up and move away from small cabbage body to shoulder his soul mate here. House of CARDS combination will win thousands of men and women, and the professor.

in the true sense of the road of women struggle and please have only just begun. After the women’s success depends more on what she’s done a man or what her mother got it. Always wanted to conquer the world by manipulating men. And the man is easy to manipulate. Since then, more and more men will refuse to pay for the lower half excess demand, and women also have to learn to rise above need male escort guide even backing behind the stage, to develop a more complete confidence and healthy personality.

this is a great era, mobile media let a female voice is no longer needed after male agreed can be spread; Let more and more mobile consumption trading dominance in perceptual woman hands; Mobile social let us exists in various community at the same time, the complex coordination and specialty of women. So, who will die to live all day grab a man, that’s silly, finally makes a woman is not old men and young guest. We should better to oneself, oneself to make money, and then love your love. Love how to love how to love, not even sex and marriage is full of calculation. That is a woman’s sadness and shame.

so, finally through the land of entrepreneur magazine, called for the development of the true wisdom in women, to join the entrepreneurial teams, stop play Zhen Huan drama, let the director to continue to deceive wise woman without brain series, devoted his life to win a man’s game! We, the group of women appreciate each other, want to hand in hand to win the world! Men and women relation will only be the episode of life, rather than the main melody. In addition to the man, we have the world.

alliance! And his ally of beauty as a woman, to care and caring man and the other is a bit weak woman. When we give up to love through wiping oil to the successful mode of thinking of man, you will find that you will release more atmosphere of love, care, strength and potential. Also will be more cute!

unity of man and woman more united. Business woman is never lonely.

in this paper, the author: Huang Huan, Beijing huan whether information technology co., LTD., founder and CEO, huanhuan state information technology co., LTD. Shanghai CEO.