The Qork of spirit, to be a patch, Twitter

cloud network hunting note: anonymous social applications such as Yik Yak and Secret provides a more relaxed social environment, but at the same time have sprung up all sorts of unscrupulous malicious remarks. Qork take the essence to the dregs, the goal is to create a location-based share resources of the community “the localization”. Most important, this will be a friendly and safe space.

nowadays, high reputation based on geographic information of social network is very bad, mainly because of a named Yik Yak anonymous gossip application is often used to the campus network violence, so that many colleges and universities will be the application block. But this kind of application developers do not be discouraged, an application called Qork self-help do better than those of the existing application.

Ben Goldman is Qork co-founder and director of the market, he said the Qork goal lies in the integration in the best possible way Facebook groups, Twitter, Yik Yak and Reddit, to establish a social media application, its present information is based on the geographical location of the user. Qork goal, he explained, is to create, to create a “productive can share resources in the local community.” They can release the text and photos, and associated with any of their local. Various activities, such as stories or news. Below is my first article published Qork, in order to facilitate everybody understanding, also includes my local friends.

for Qork, the biggest challenge is to make people believe that it is not like Yik Yak or Secret this anonymous application as full of negative energy, so as to attract more users. Goldman said in the interview, although this application has proven “controversial” and dangerous, but they are still on the revival of the “super localization share” have confidence.

localization of Reddit ?

not long ago the Qork iOS and Android release at the same time, the user can use anonymous, using Reddit style “vote” let others can release of information to give to others. A user’s history information can let Qork users understand the release information reliability and useful. This way Qork established a similar reputation and feedback mechanism of Reddit, although the mechanism is not always work on Reddit.

Goldman said he himself was a “super Reddit powder”, especially in the r/startup. He admitted that the team inspired by a Reddit, because Reddit has successfully established a community.

Goldman added, compared to Reddit, Qork also includes some elements of Twitter. Qork team hope this application can not only apply to local user blogs and media, what is more important when catastrophe news like Twitter, can be widely used. Goldman, for example, as happened recently in Charlie’s Paris office shooting tragedy, when this happen, Qork user can switch to the global dynamic view, and expand the locals point spread, without the need to distinguish between Twitter users are at the scene at the time, what information is reliable or not.

here is when I visit Los Angeles Qork see:

even if the Qork is different from Yik Yak or Secret, but it also have similar problems, such as abuse, false information or slander comments and so on. Before the Qork team said that their online has cyberbullying organization with the United States reached an agreement, they have the confidence to solve this problem. For other possible problems, Goldman said the Qork may disappear in the trends, for if there is no point of praise, also won’t last long. He said, adding that they don’t want to be a “fan cyberbullying or spread gossip” applications, but hope to Qork into a friendly place.

Qork will for global users with a variety of languages.

Israel made

Qork team, composed of three American headquarters in Israel. They have established a year, the three founder in Siftech grindstone. Siftech in Jerusalem the JVP Media Labs university, is a famous entrepreneur center.

Goldman with his feelings to Israel, he said in an interview: “here is a good place for R&D, Israel often spawned a amazing creativity.” Compared to the United States, the start-up cost involved here are low. He added that if the Qork users are mainly concentrated in the United States, the basis of the team is likely to move back home. But now it seems that the start-up project still “I don’t know what to do.” For a long time, Israel is intersection between North America and Asia market.

in the past few years, Israel has spawned many success and rapid growth of start-ups, such as Waze bought by Google (currently), ds (now acquired by Cisco) and so on. This year will be better development.

Qork temporarily is completely ad-free. Now the prospect of “super localized advertising” is not very clear, also in the Qork profit plan. They can be geared to the needs of local investment promotion and capital introduction, let each big brand messages within the community, their dynamic homepage Qork post top to friends, like enterprise can spend money on Facebook DingTie. Goldman thinks, whether small or big brands will face advertising problem, while the Qork is a good choice to solve the problem of local advertising.

at the end of the day, bear the brunt of the Qork challenge, or want to prove to the user: this is a friendly and safe space.

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