The public comments on li jiing: big push into parent-child industry, hope business a year to achieve market penetration first marriage

the public comments recently disclosed that at present in 23 of the core cities in China, the public comment on wedding business a month on average more than 10 million active users, for the core permeability for married people city has more than 80%.

since March 2014, the public comment on married with vertical division, set up marriage. In the past year, the public comments on wedding business shows high growth, users in the travel booking wedding related consumer booking quantity grows 425%. Only a city, Shanghai per month is 25000 couples married in public comments on direct booking related consumption.

the public comments on co-founder jiing lee said, “marriage is a typical low frequency, high consumption, heavy industry of decision-making, the user needs a large number of high-quality information and services to support the consumer decision-making, can travel around the core requirements, continuously enriched the contents of the information and services and to establish the industry ecosystem. In ensuring that meet the demand of users at the same time, improve the trading closed loop through various channels, married to help merchants to efficient low-cost access to target users.

in recent years, married O2O rapid rise, but the wedding industry industry chain is very long, has a high requirement on the professional degree, married the development of the O2O platform, it is need great traffic sources, two also need rich business resources and powerful offline service ability.

in March last year, the public marriage group established, to provide users with including wedding photography, wedding dresses, wedding, wedding banquet, etc. 12 married the whole industry chain services. The industry analysis, the wedding industry there are a lot of different products and services, and is mostly rigid commodity consumption, coupled with the traditional wedding industry information opaque, therefore, the user choice is difficult and long time period, need high quality information support to marry this heavy consumption decision-making behavior. At the same time, due to the uniqueness of married people, businesses get the user channel, high marketing cost less, also calls for professional promotion platform.

lee jiing introduction, 2015 public comments on wedding business will develop to hundreds of cities; At the same time, will also continue to expand the parent-child wedding business such as vertical complementary.

first, develops the city become one of the focus of the public comment on married in 2015. Industry analysis, according to the second and third tier cities are become the new growth point of marriage O2O development. And married in public comments on the platform, the different views of the city of the great changes happening, line two, three or even four cities than the rapid growth of user traffic.

second, family business has become the public comment on another key focus this year. Jiing lee said, “from the perspective of the user timeline married parent-child industry and has a strong affinity, but also a heavy decision making, high consumption of industry, with a level billions of turnover of the market, we will make full use of the public comment on the information and the operation of the industry advantage, to create a reliable platform for the user’s decision, at the same time help keep merchants in the era of mobile Internet business growth.