The Philippine startups Hirays water-saving miracle is with independent research and development system

hunting cloud network (note: the status of the water dried up in the world is more and more serious, in the propaganda of personal saving water at the same time, we believe that the water supply company also can through their own water supply system optimization to reduce the waste water, the two sides work together, to get beyond imagination. Five people in the Philippines team is using the independent research and development of R – TAP water miracle.

the DJ’s David lattice towers sang: “I can’t live without you”, the “you” in addition to his beloved girl, may also refer to one of the world’s most precious water resources. A report by the world bank points out, the world will be wasted nearly $14 billion a year without income of water (NRW), after the processing but not the water used by the consumers.

the problem is especially common in the Philippines. Manila Maynilad water supply company’s former employees Stephen Larcia said: “no gains the waste water is one of the most concern of three water sector.” His colleague Mark Stanley Cleto is in charge of the mechanical and electrical design department, his work including the valuation of the company to purchase all equipment.

because of the job, Cleto is very understand the existing water resources management system technology at home and abroad.

Larcia recalls: “he found himself the pressure of the advanced management system of the assessment, are valuable for many tap water company. The system developed by the company’s UK headquarters.”

but it is not perfect, the problem is that it’s too expensive. Larcia explained: “the UK headquarters to specifically target customers as the advanced large water companies, so Stan want to less advanced company design a new version of the stress management system.”

Cleto and two other colleagues in the research of this project, they are Larcia and Ann Margarett Marigondon. He thought how to also can easily get two heads are better than the new version, but it turns out that this system is so hard to get, they simply don’t.

Larcia said: “we realized that we lack of professional knowledge. Fortunately, we can pull Rafael King Ramos on board, but this guy Maynilad water supply operating department rare talent. Our team last a friend Gregorio Ortiz, is a friend of Stan recommendations. The coincidence is that he also work in Maynilad.”

water distribution management

so, five people team created Hirays water problem solving team. In determining the waste water is the key cause of low pump efficiency, they designed a water pump control mechanism, called real-time adjusting pump system (R – TAP), helps TAP water company in water management.

R – TAP prediction method to optimize the operation of the pump. It has a self learning algorithm, which can be determined and the optimal operation real-time operation, constantly adjust system, so that at any time in the network to provide the required pressure accurately.

Larcia said: “the system is not invasive, installation is very simple, simple to five teams can be installed in a barrier-free operation. We only need to tap water for approval to continue with the installation (the company).”

in May last year, R – TAP prototype, according to Larcia memories, was a piece of good received. He said: “we R – TAP a small village in the city of MuDingLu Abel pilot, turned out to be a big success, we reduced the loss of 25% of the water.” Before we use the loss of water amount divided by the propaganda, the number is obtained easily.

with the successful case, Hiraya joined the Philippines IdeaSpace start-up, remarkable achievements. IdeaSpace is chosen for Impact Investment Exchange the acceleration in Asia, the project of one of the four start-up companies, but also among the six strong southeast Asia startups, was invited to the association of southeast Asian nations IBM SmartCamp (start-ups) global support programs in Singapore. Larcia said: “in the camp, we encountered a lot of potential investors, mentor and some a few contacts, several even at the end of the camp has also been help us.”

he revealed some potential investors, including a large enterprise, the two giants and a telemetry company, they have a manufacturing and product development experience, and a foreign angels. Co-founder hope to complete round of financing before the end of may.


this five people team recently completed its Dan, northern province of a small town in Manila the first installation of demonstration, the result is satisfactory. Larcia said: “the results show that annual no return of recycled water (in terms of volume) will be in MuDingLu recycled water more than four times as much.”

they also allowed the other eight water company demonstration installation process, all this will be done in the next few months. He added: “our goal is to sell half of the demo samples to go out, and then, we will perform a positive marketing plan, to the other target company to promote our solution.”

responsible for members of the finance has developed a long-term plan, in the other areas of their water recycling schemes, and even abroad. They also want to develop other water-saving products. But now, they got the work focuses on attracting local R – TAP on paying customers, there are 70-80 waters, each waters have 15 pumps, they all use compatible with R – TAP system. To be popularized, R – TAP must shine, and a bright future!

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