The most popular in the startup work

cloud network hunting note: startups need to hire the right people to help the company succeed. These companies usually provide a relaxed and lively environment, let staff growth, development and participation in a special course. So what position is the most popular startup? A survey for your next, this article translated by tencent technology:

we according to the job applicants have a look at the hottest job ranking, entrepreneurship: what are the most popular position in the company.

1, the expansion application rate (18.47%)

this job is usually responsible for creating long-term value for the company. Maintaining interpersonal relationship is the core content of the job, they need excavation and retaining customers. They when dealing with others to feel the most comfortable, they can create relationships into opportunities for the development of the company.
This position requires constant development relations, insight into the clues, advertisement and attract customer’s future activities. Sitting behind a desk all day is not the main work, they often go out, visit customers, to dine with the customer, and to participate in various activities.
Education background: bachelor’s degree in business, sales and marketing.

2, the network marketing (18.13%)

this job is usually responsible for making rich, effective and simple online content. This position is responsible for social relationships on Facebook or Twitter, need to get online publicity, content transmission and creative advertising.
This position need to research and development trend, the enterprise strategy and campaign. They are the main work on social networks do publicity, to attract traffic and monitor the company’s network.
Education background: bachelor’s degree in marketing, design or digital media.

3, business intelligence analysis (13.09%)

this position is responsible for get actionable insights from the data, they are very concerned about performance, is completely testers, the development trend of market and business to help expand its business scope, promote the transformation and improve the overall performance.
This position need to deal with digital, tracking key performance indicators. Their analysis data to predict the coming opportunities and grasp the opportunity.
Education background: business, computer science, information technology or bachelor’s degree in statistics.

4, sales agents (10.57%)

this position is responsible for sales of the company’s product or service, develop and maintain customer relationships.
They often appear at the front of the sales promotion to coordinate the cooperation between customers and company employees, on behalf of the company to attend the activity.
Education background: bachelor’s degree in business, sales or marketing.

5, customer service (9.7%)

this position is responsible for ensuring that customer satisfaction.
The position of the work content is mainly processing evaluation, Suggestions and complaints. Whether face to face or by phone, email or instant message communication, customer service representative is responsible for assistance to users and customers, guidance and advice.
Education background: bachelor’s degree in business, management, and communication.

6, front end engineers (5.96%)

the front-end engineers in the technical level is responsible for the appearance and style of the site. Front end developers and designers and cooperation for the new page design, characteristics and a variety of other elements. Front-end engineers need to make sure that site smooth browsing in the user’s browser. They also directly responsible for the design ideas and concepts into can use page.
They often discuss AngularJS and jQuery version 2 is too strong.
Education background: a bachelor’s degree in computer science, multimedia design, or media technology.

7, back-end engineer (5.29%)

the back-end developers are the pillar of modern Web applications, they are responsible for creating process, store and transmit information required by the model, and database. They create can be used to present information for all users of efficient data structures and access point.
Education background: a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or media technology

8 (4.22%), the whole stack engineer

the whole stack engineer is to master a variety of skills and be able to use a variety of products independently.
They include responsible for servers, network, host environment, database, API interface and any front end back-end technology related things.
Education background: bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology.

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