The Mexican side, decorate can also “platform” together, the future only move the fingers will give you a home

(text/Qiao Zefang)

co-founder Xu Ji once worked in hangzhou city radio station, a few years of media experience in building materials market of visits and contacts with various dealers make his continuously go deep into the whole residential area. Industry system is not sound; Information flow; Consumers are often decorate a company to “refers to which play which”, the whole a scratching his head, spent money, decorate a let a person to bear, these are the traditional Xu Ji eyes of domestic outfit industry faces problems and weaknesses, and it is this situation led to the establishment of the home the Mexican side.

at the Mexican side do: try to break the industry scene of confusion, take home decoration industry to transparent.

how to streamline the home outfit

Xu Ji with cloud network share a hunting him some deep feelings. in 2012, he once visited a complete car assembly process, from more than ten thousand parts to a brand-new car, assembly line in just one hour, it’s not for the thrill of Xu Ji is not, and since then install the germination of the streamline root in his mind. If an outfit can streamline, automation, original 3 months decorate a suite length can be compressed into a month, that the effects of the changes to the whole industry will be immeasurably . Then, in April 2015, the Mexican side. The Mexican side Xu Ji mentioned family has such two tips.

first of all, establish the example room module library home ink. According to the different styles can be divided into contemporary and contracted, northern Europe, Jane, the new Chinese style, and each style of about 10 template. In this way, a suite is a removable rooms one by one, streamline begun to take shape. You can follow one’s inclinations the choice of the template, the permutation and combination, every room will always do you like the appearance of eduction. At the same time, the designer in the whole team to get rid of the traditional decorate a company to act as various procurement architect, engineer, the operation mode of the marketing guru, Xu Ji “designer is doing,” said: “our five or six designers will form a team, specifically responsible for the development of the module, the choice of future customers will be more rich” .

then, have a own home the Mexican side of the collaborative system, this is the home of ink sole patent and operating characteristics. The whole system will link to the customer, supply chain, workers, designer, project supervision, and other aspects, once the customer place the order, the system will automatically docking designer and other staff. At the end of each day’s work, engineering supervision will upload the appearance of the room now to platform, customers can see their intuitive App on the mobile end new home decoration schedule. Any change in a day, isn’t it completed the task of today, the customer can not live can witness the forming process of the whole house, rest assured it will also save on the move of suffering. Truly “wysiwyg”.

cloud to decorate a cloud experience

in this era of popular sharing, although “cloud” concept is nothing new, but the family is decorated should move to the cloud is the first time. Users to upload photos room, home ink Fang Huijin line of 3 d modeling, the room looks like it’s in front of you in the future, the fingertips. whole decorate a process also be shard as 120 nodes, each node in accordance with the corresponding standards according to can be in accordance with the acceptance, make avoid the mutual shirk responsibility , also a judge to a third party supervision rules.

and decorating also is not a one-time thing. design decoration, furniture appliances for the invoice, these often lost things which you can upload all home server. Years later, when you need a second to decorate or to find the missing paper, home as long as you do it on the Mexican side of the account, and then download . The platform is a tool for communication, is the closest to your home outfit housekeeper. What is a lazy person to decorate, is house don’t have to out of step, move your fingers will give you a home. Of course, if must offline communication, the Mexican side still has 300 square meters of exhibition hall can meet your wishes.

about fees, Xu Ji tell hunting cloud network, the whole decorate a process, the Mexican side only collect the 1% service charge, than the market price is about 20%.

from the east to the north to the south China

talking about the future, Xu Ji said, they will be in hangzhou and shenzhen, this model has been copied to the shijiazhuang subsequently develop markets of north and south China. Product materials will have a professional r&d team to speed up the development to shorten the construction period. At that time, such as home Xu Ji eyes which core is “synergy” platform, the entire supply chain, the Mexican side, users to form a one-stop service, the decrease of the intermediate links, and bring a better user experience, to create a more transparent decoration environment.