The local tyrants and see! The most expensive iOS app global paragraph 21

cloud network hunting note: although the apple’s App store at a low price or even free of charge as a main line, even get out of the last year China one yuan App stunt, but after the search application is not hard to find some local tyrants. Some application is the icing on the cake, some is redundant; However, download these applications is a word: in!

please readers attention first, if you think you pay 10 dollars for an application is too expensive, so the following applications will not be in your thoughts. Even in the app store is crowded with excellent application, price cheap or free, there are still a few applications are expensive. In terms of e-books and professional tools, price is high also is understandable; As for the other, is very confusing.

1. $99.99-8 hd Vizzywig

Vizzywig 8 hd is a video editing application, it is said that in eight times in the resolution of the iPhone 6 capture video. $100 for an app feels a bit expensive, but you know, Vizzywig the original price of $1000, however, has now been reduced a lot.

2. $199.99 – G – Map U.S. West

G – a Map is a voice navigation system, it has suggested route planning instruction function, can use without networking. G – Map has the following advantages: 3 d view, and text to speech function. But with the improvement of the Google map and apple, deal or no deal on the function of a similar application is unnecessary.

3. $199.99 – Harrison ‘s all of Internal Medicine, the Official Reference eBook for tempe, Healthcare Professionals, and Students

the price of this app is so high because it is not only an app, for people in the field of medical, it’s more like a textbook. “Book” teaches people how to diagnose disease, determine the infection situation and confirm the health, so it’s self-styled “most trusted medical textbooks”.

4. $299.99 – Perfect Penalty 2012

there are some professional application and class education applications may value, the other is a rip-off. According to the user’s comment, Perfect Penalty 2012 is such a “rip-off applications”. It is an alleged “the most realistic picture” football class electronic games, but there are comments is dubbed it “the worst games ever”.

5. $299.99 – Water Globe

Water Globe is a set of interactive desktop doll. You can put the set in different parts of the world, let it snow, change of gravity and the size of the snow. However, in this world that can easily see the real snow, it is hard to imagine someone will cost more than $two hundred for it.

6. $299.99 – TouchChat AAC with WordPower

a full-featured communications applications are developed to speak difficult people. Specific applicable object is as follows: people with autism, down syndrome, gradual freezing, apraxia patients and for various other conditions and unable to speak.

7. $299.99 – SafeSession Voice Encryption

SafeSession Voice Encryption is an Encryption application for Internet phone. The company claims, after users by their application, calls will be protected by voice encryption algorithm. At the same time, talking to you also want to install this app, to ensure the safety of the dialogue between you.

8. $349.99 – Barcelona vs Madrid

the game to let the two compete for ace level of football club. That’s a good picture, but the higher price is difficult to understand.

9. $349.99 – Mobile Cam Viewer

Mobile Cam Viewer lets you see monitoring probe collected data, in order to handle life security. It supports a variety of network camera model, and the same time the same camera in the case of by many people look at it.

10. $399.99 – Tap Menu

Tap Menu is a based on the application of image, it is mainly used in restaurants, hotels, shops and other places, the purpose is to want to change the Menu, books and media for digital display.

11. $399.99 – iDIA – Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal

this app to help vet check various symptoms can affect the health of animals.

12. $449.99 – The Alchemist SMS

Alchemist SMS is not magic application of the text, in fact it is a special application for metal trading and scrap steel recycling, the purpose is to save cost. This app recently cut prices after the price of $999.99.

13. $499.99 – DDS GP Yes!

DDS GP Yes! The application of is a specially designed for the dentist. It in a concise way of presentation, help dentists to show specific solutions to the patient.

14. $999.99 – Alpha – Trader

Alpha – Trader is a global deal for investment community professionals and components. The application provides real-time stock prices, price information, investment risk signs, such as correlation and all kinds of assets statistics data.

15. $999.99 – MobiGage NDI

MobiGage NDI design to manufacturing, it is used to check the parts and components, has the functions such as creating, editing, and testing.

16. $999.99 – Agro

Agro agronomist from filing for rescue, and can track inspection on the farm chemicals (usage), plant diseases and insect pests of crops (growth) and status. These things can be done using electronic form, any also don’t need to spend a penny, “and why do you have to pay such a high price.
17. $999.99 – QSFFStats

QSFFStats designed for Flag Football, it can record the Flag Football all league games in the data. But as a statistical tool, why so expensive?

18. $999.99 – CyberTuner

a professional piano tuner oriented application, is said to be very precise and easy to use. There are 51 users are given the five-star evaluation, shows that you agree with it.

19. $999.99 – VIP Black

this app dubbed “application” millionaire, users will get the company luxury VIP treatment of partners. Only you leave one million asset proof, bought this application).

20. $999.99 – app. Cash

app. Cash is for the iPhone design of virtual Cash register. In addition to the developers released a brief explanation in the iTunes store, there are few other details are known. App. Cash is likely to review transaction process until the printer to print out the invoice. The application of the price so high, the reason is not clear, after all, app store and several free or very cheap sales terminal application.

21. $999.99 – vueCAD Pro

vueCAD Pro is a help to you on the iPhone to check the application of the CAD file. In the process of manufacturing usually use CAD images to modify the design. Through this app, you can view the original image, do some changes, and will be modified in the form of E-mail to send pictures to others.

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