The invasion of Google! Apple’s first Android applications, but also guide the user migration

apple and Google seems to be a war between two large ecological appear more tense, in the first two pulled back I/O smoke not scattered, apple WWDC congress struck again, from the perspective of both the content are centrally released their latest operating system, improve and to the improvement of pay, and voice applications, more direct competition. However, the iOS share under disadvantage, apple launched a new counter in succession.

in the conference, Apple’s back new measures mainly embodied in the following two aspects: Apple Music and Move to iOS.

the Apple launched their own Music in the conference service Apple Music, since June 30, will be on the iPhone,, tablet, iPod touch, Mac, etc. The important thing is that the service not only can be used on apple’s platform, will also be later in the year to the Android platform.

Move to iOS is the new appearance of products, can help Android users moving data into iOS devices, including contacts, messages, calendar, email accounts, and media files, many user data. These content can run through wireless transmission to any iOS 9 on the iPhone and the tablet. Apple’s move to rob Samsung, HTC and other series of Android mobile phone users.