The inspector: self-built professional home inspector team of third-party monitoring platform

May 8 (word/He Yuying)

the home inspection is chengdu net the group-buying websites to decorate one of the users to provide many services, the owner through online registration can obtain the home inspection division of free door-to-door service, and get an evaluation from multiple dimensions of home inspection report. From 2010 to now, the net all the home inspection team to provide more than 16000 owner free home inspection services. In test room for incision, group-buying activities held more than 160 offline home outfit, to more than 100 stores worldwide generated sales of $10, also provides the owner with a low price to decorate the green channel.

“is all Greek to many owners for the home inspection, when making a room with developers turn took, the key to building a quality problem owner can only be responsible for himself, appeal to.” Founder of the inspector mickey tell hunting cloud network, is not only the appraisal of building quality inspection room, through the home inspection they will according to the family decoration advice for the owners, for owner decorate plan do subtraction.

2009 mickey is the weekly work through holding a line decoration group-buying activities found the huge role in the Internet in group-buying, 38, 2010 – year – old mickey opened his own business. He discovered the C end user’s stock market when making a room (a and B side businessman difficulty in user training, and established the chengdu network all the group-buying such third party platform, through free home inspection for owner for quality supervision, property developers and decoration business. “Domestic outfit is the last piece of cake real estate chain, non-standard operation, because industry long-standing exists profiteering in domestic outfit, therefore, it is very unfair for the owner.”

is different from the other site inspection room, on the market network of all the home inspection to cultivate their professional home inspector team, and by his own team equipped with home inspection tools and equipment. Team a total of 16 people, including nine were professional home inspector, 5 assistant examination room. All the home inspection division pass through the strict training and examination to mount guard, and dressing, his cab it to go to the homes of the head of the household. Mickey said: “we are asking all the home inspection division in the process of test room do not smoke, drink water, not to eat the bread of the owner be totally free and absolutely professional.”

as a network the examination room, founder of mickey also personally attend to the process of free home inspection, four years spent New Year’s day is in a new house in the head of the household, also once because no time with the children so their daughter to bring home inspection together. “I think the Internet is to bear live lonely, I am proud to say net stick to his training team for the whole country at present the test room owner provide third-party service platform, the future will also be layout, service more into new owners across the country. I always believe, adhere to the achievement dream!!!!!” While mickey FM105.1 chengdu radio frequency “I want to check room” of the guest, and is the only sichuan TV a live action home inspection program team members.

network in November 2014 the test room launched gold test room service, the user for the price of 2 yuan/㎡ in taobao fluctuation can be door-to-door service of the professional home inspector division, has now completed more than 300 business, clinch a deal the order more than 2000 transactions. Mickey tell hunting cloud network free home inspection service, or would you have been doing, and will launch its own APP, from PC to mobile terminal.

in June 2015, is expected to net the inspector’s APP will be officially launched, the user can up and down in the APP list also can apply for free home inspection services, professional home inspector division can be used in a single way for customer service. Set up an outfit housekeeper functions at the same time, by the user to upload their own family information to obtain the housekeeper tailored decorate plan, and for its decorate a company to contact. “Our APP will play a role a platform, the user 8% decorate a paragraph to the platform, and satisfied after decorating an end this 8% will be transferred to decorate a company. We through the channels to put an end to add a problem often occurs in decorating.” Kupchak said.

four years of free home inspector and the accumulation of group-buying activities help in B and C side has a good customer base, the team is also constantly improve their own home inspection standard, cultivate professional home inspector. Mickey tell hunting cloud network is the inspection room team through the actual test room experience made 13 inspection dimension, provide perfect home inspection report.

, 43, mickey in chengdu home inspector already is a master, but he felt that he was still a start-up, bow will keep on doing something. Hunting cloud network to network all the science and technology recently won the 2015 chengdu innovative e-commerce enterprises, and has set up a successful application in Shanghai equity trading center for custody.