The innovative design of the smart phone is hibernate, but did not come to an end

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if not with samsung to rescue, this year’s smart phone design industry is the most boring one year. You can carefully think about it: once upon a time the best year after year to launch the same boring plastic design model of the company is now one of the fastest progress vanguard. This samsung is commendable, it finally took out on mobile phone design it long before the do the improvement and innovation, but at the same time, other all companies should reflect on this aspect. All those exciting innovation design where did you go? Whether in nokia decided to sell the mobile phone industry at the same time, the good design also followed a start the following? Look at the mobile phone market, now at least we can rarely excited again.

the latest improved HTC One M9, mobile phone almost and the imperfect One before the M8 looks the same. Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z3 together, have no clear which is which. If you haven’t seen the LG’s new G4, though, is actually and G3 and the cortical shell. But these mentioned new phone together have no huawei P8 was irritating. This phone mediocre useless plate shape just the symbol of the intelligent mobile phone design industry in today’s comatose state. In this kind of mobile phone in London do large issued the day before, I put it in her hand, meditation can’t think of a such a useless phone reason to exist. In this world, the high quality, ultra-thin smartphones.

in my idea, the meaning of the idea is that you launch the product today can become a precedent, and make the role of benchmarking for the following products. Do you remember the nokia short-lived but historic N9 mobile phone? Its outstanding design is put up, even after many years in the company of the models also will always find its shadow. As the manufacturer of mobile phones, nokia than its in the design, first step out of the market. MOTOROLA was launched in 2013, Moto X, I was shocked, because this phone is far smaller than most popular android models, and is not so scary. So this phone finally than most of the android models on the market to sell cheap, after the launch of the Moto G and Moto E also continued the tradition, made of high quality android experience more populist. Because this batch of 2013 MOTOROLA phones and frequently underestimated Google’s Nexus 5 models, that will only make senior mobile phone manufacturers was confused: they used as a trademark to sell mobile phone function can be seen everywhere, now no longer valuable.

more sad is, innovation of the industry is not a one-way road straight. Microsoft took over after nokia hasn’t been able to launch any new products like the N9 can let a person’s eyes, while MOTOROLA from 2014 began to retreat, start the traditional route, its original mass affordable universal model integrated into today’s corny “bigger is better” design strategy. Look at today in 2015, the latest batch of smartphones, is on the fuselage were billed for the mobile phone company, dare not to launch any meaningful and unique new products.

maybe that it is a sign of the smartphone market mature. Existing products are so revealing, it is difficult to have new product to appear has an overwhelming advantage. But that only makes the design at this point become more important. If we produce high quality products are the same, the same performance relative, so the user experience more good products to win more customers. Now Sony, HTC and LG have been launched some old design, this is how they broke off their channels to attract new customers. For existing customers, what does not seem to be very compelling reason to attract they upgraded to the new phone.

the rapid evolution of smart phones make people become very high expectations for new products, hope that every new product can improve rapidly. I don’t think this expectation is not reasonable, but now I really worry about this worrisome situation is not only a short situation, instead of it may be a herald the smartphone market in the future. Globally recognised brands such as Sony launched it may be necessary to adhere to the same kind of product design can be recognized, but even if huawei this from the start, now in charge of disturb market, make risky products company, has begun to do some looks gloomy old mobile phone, this means that the mobile phone manufacturers is no longer the top priority of the design. LG often talk about their own designs, but was working as a mobile phone or only they could find the most fragile plastic to do.

these digital company’s designers have recently in busy what? Main may be smart watches. Smart growth of the watch design is quite amazing. Google electric chamber of commerce last year appeared on the show two Android Wear watches in the system, one is the LG G Watch, another is samsung’s Gear Live. Under the two watches are only show the mass production of the boring and low quality products. Since then, the Asus ZenWatch, LG smart watches are coming in of Urbane, and huawei, which means that each product appearance and user experience of smart watches are much more on a stage.

even almost all profit depends on the iPhone, apple, in the conference in September last year, also spent more thoughts and ideas in its latest iWatch it, rather than its new mobile phone. But in this case, the company’s marketing director, Phil Schiller was released in 2013, the latest Mac Pro published the famous remarks, said whenever it always existed will continue to innovate and progress of space (in his words more honest direct: “can’t do the innovation? Bullshit.” ).

technology is never stagnation. Since most of the major achievements are in the design of the reasonable science and technology progress as a result, we now also need not too worried for the future of smart phone design. Design improvements certainly faster than in the past, but once the good ideas, we will more cherish the hard-won new ideas. After all, a whole one without cover type to appear on the waterproof phone USB port as well as very cool cell phone design. But the new design of Z4 itself will be able to hold up a new cell phone? On the decision did not even to Sony company to think rationally.


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