The Indian tea electricity Teabox, help Indian farmers came to the world

the startup called Teabox flagship online selling your cup of tea. The professional e-commerce company in India has revealed that it had raised $6 million in A round of funding. At the beginning of a year ago, investors have online tea brand potential, then Teabox received $1 million in seed money.
Kaushal Dugar Teabox is founder and CEO, he said one of the biggest customer base Teabox own brand high quality tea in the United States, South Korea, Russia and Japan, but he declined to give customers and revenue.

the latest round of financing a startup by rich Asia (JAFCO Asia), and seeds at the same time to join the “friend” Accel Partners in India, as well as the new face Keystone Group (Keystone Group) and Dragoneer Investment Group (Dragoneer Investment Group).

Dugar, said Teabox is powerful, because the customer experience has carried on the thorough control – Teabox partners all over India and Nepal, around 200 tea farmers, tea to ensure quality and quantity, about a week after the tea leaves picked, can vacuum packaging and shipment.

Teabox faces competition not only from online professional tea shops, but from high quality tea brands, such as Twinings. Teabox aims to bypass control most of the tea trade of multinational company, for the Indian tea brands.

Dugar know how the whole system running, because his family has been engaged in tea trade nearly a century.

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