The hottest Internet company like their predecessors – those who fail

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in the late 90 s bubble technology produced a large number of a flash in the pan of the network company, they through the IPO to raise millions of money, but only one or two short years operating is in serious danger of collapse.

today, now popular technology company and Internet company that bore a striking resemblance. Is Internet company has still not mature enough? And today’s technology companies also want to repeat it? for you to solve the housework worries – as TaskRabbit

if you want anyone to help you clean the room, delivering groceries, or when you need a helper, this time you can choose from TaskRabbit to hire a person to help you to complete. was established in 1999, invested by venture capital firms, including WaldenVC. The works of this site have the same effect with today’s TaskRabbit: you can hire people to do things for you. and local business organizations signed a contract to perform these tasks. After founded in 16 months, collapsed in 2000.

use Napster first download, use services like listening to music.

now use online services classics, had with Napster down song

Napster founder Shawn Fanning, was 20 years old, on February 12, 2001, held a press conference in San Francisco.

Napster is a P2P file sharing service, can let users exchange use MP3 files. However, since it USES has the music copyright, Napster in a legal dispute, eventually collapse and Roxio takeover in 2001 by software company. Now company has learned the lesson that their legitimate use music source, indicate the source music.

Web van and Kozmo provide express service, with today’s services like Amazon Fresh, Instacart and other demand

Webvan founded in 1999, went bankrupt in 2001.

Webvan and Kozmo are Internet express service in the field of enterprise. When Webvan in 30 minutes to complete sundry express slogan, Kozmo is send starbucks coffee, magazines, music, etc. Webvan was founded in 1999, from Softbank, Sequoia Capital and Goldman Sachs raised $400 million, was declared bankrupt after two years.

coincidentally, Kozmo, established in 1998, from Softbank, Flatiron Partners, Amazon and starbucks raised $280 million, ended up in bankruptcy in 2001. Although Kozmo drafted (IPO: Initial Public Offerings) an Initial Public offering documents, but always failed to come out. In April 2011, Forbes (Forbes magazine) call Kozmo ahead of the “crazy”.

Instacart is 2015 replica of Webvan. You can use this service to instant express sundry. Instacart has raised $275 million, the market value has amounted to $2 billion. Fresh Direct, and the other a grocery delivery business, has raised $91 million. Even the Amazon and Google have their goods delivered on the day of service: Google Express and Amazon Prime shop.

Flooz is failed before COINS digital currency

before COINS, — a risk investment capital support, enterprise tries to create a new type of online trading currency. , was established in February 1999 by Whoopi Goldberg, a famous movie star) onto the TV screen publicity, Flooz Flooz give customers credit lines, be able to online transactions. At the same time, however, Flooz is difficult to meet the needs of customers and business partners. Since August 2001, the company’s health go from bad to worse.

since the founding of Flooz for 15 years. Now, bit startup group of very large – 21, from Andreessen Horowitz VC Balaji Srinivasan, has announced a called BitShare chip products, in the form of embedded chip from your mobile phone for COINS. 21 already from Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel and Khosla Ventures to raise $121 million. In early 2015, the currency trading company Coinbase close financing rounds, for $75 million at the time in the industry of the finance assets is unprecedented, market capitalisation of $400 million. After the first made in the currency exchange in the United States.

before YouTube, Mark Cuban has a site called, yahoo bought for him to make a fortune when, an Internet audio and video website, founded by Mark Cuban in partnership, bought by yahoo in 1999 for $5.7 billion. The acquisition is just before the Internet bubble, suddenly makes all partners have the honor to become a billionaire. Once got the Yahoo, Yahoo will divert its service, the Yahoo Platinum used for video content, while YahooLaunchcast responsible for audio content.

today, streaming media is mainly composed of like Hulu and YouTube and Netflix these companies dominate. Some small startups, such as Vessel, also let its users to use multimedia content. Even with services users can also try to allow it to by seeing and hearing from Comedy Central, the BBC and ESPN content of these companies. a year and a half time out venture capital investment of $135 million. Now, Gilt Groupe and Fab and online store is springing up

the UK online fashion retailer was founded in 1999 after several twists and turns. Just 18 months after founded, the company will spend over $135 million investment by the investment company. In May 2000, the company has been sold, the remaining assets for less than $2 million.

the modern fashion companies, such as Gilt Groupe and overall, has also experienced similar unrest. Fab in finished raised 336 million of $336 million in assets, particularly at risk. Since then, it was sold to the rest of PCH Innovations.

before Mark Zuckerberg create a Facebook, two Cornell university students have set up

when Facebook was just flashes of Mark Zuckerberg, Cornell university student Stephan Paternot and Todd Krizelman was founded in 1994, When the company went public in 1998, won the history a biggest IPO, make the two to become a millionaire only 23 years old, the founder of the night. But not for long, with the occurrence of the dotcom bubble, it crashes, eventually the company collapsed in 2008.

there is no doubt that Facebook is quite successful, modern Internet field with a market capitalization of 225.72 billion, the monthly active users group of 1.43 billion people. Facebook five brands in the field of social media and communication in the fourth.

Mercata by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen investment group, is a group company of pioneer