The home of micro: micro letter operators for colleges and universities open the “door”

(text/Wang Yiru)

to find the empty classroom, listening to radio, sign up for campus activities… College WeChat public number also have such a convenient function, instantly feel “tall” a lot of, don’t need technology curtilage in, using the family of the “micro” can do it. “Home” is a domestic professional college WeChat third-party platform, specifically for colleges and universities WeChat operators solve the problem of technology and operation, operators through the family of the “micro” configuration is suitable for college students use function, can be quickly satisfy college students’ learning, living and entertainment needs three aspects of the long tail. It is understood that since launched in September 2014, home of “micro” has covered more than 1000 schools across the country, more than 600 college students.

the home team has ten members now, seven partner, founder Bai Ronghui is a serial entrepreneur, has been founded in college campus social networking sites – chat network. Bai Ronghui tell hunting cloud network, the purpose of the project to start, is to provide deep technical solutions for colleges and universities, not like a lot of third-party platform only do simple development of micro site, the membership card such function. “We collected 70% of the country’s official public higher education, found basically do not have to do development, so I decided to do a special WeChat third-party platform for colleges and universities, in order to check results, schedule function as an entry point. Was also left some detours, original product is charging, we use the three months to talk down about college of fuzhou university. Later found out that this way is not suitable for the fast pace of the Internet, so the product free and develop the market soon.”

according to Bai Ronghui introduction, the main functions of the family of micro are: WeChat check results, schedule, venue, cet, check books, renew books, for practice, looking for a part-time, second-hand transactions in campus, campus news and information, etc., meets the requirements of the long tail of college students. The scraping of the first user, the home team is adopted by QQ group looking for customers. “We are one of the first user is from QQ group, we from another QQ group of about 100 users, they come from all over the country school, then from word of mouth spread.” Bai Ronghui convective cloud network said.

about plans for the future business model construction, Bai Ronghui home of micro – plan in July cover more than 2000 colleges and universities, 1000 college students nationwide, the company will be sideways on product development, the future will be cut into the online education. Although Bai Ronghui believes that the home of “micro” has better than similar products overall product experience, but the strength of the competition is also to be reckoned with. Universities such as handheld APP to as early as 13 years “by the national more than 3000 universities in 30 million university teachers and students to provide the best product experience and technical services” for the purpose of market into colleges and universities.

at present, the home of “micro” is mainly rely on enterprise WeChat customization service to generate income, but the team’s focus on the family of the “micro” product research and development, operating. Who have already completed the seed round of financing, in order to find the angel investment as soon as possible, the team specially from fuzhou hi-tech zone hercynian science park more than 50 square meters of office moved to xiamen software park love cafe, hope that we can meet here to talk to investors.

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