The group CEO Mr Wang internal speech: is the decisive battle in 2015 in 020

cloud network hunting note: 3 in day night, the win take-away, tickets and hotel three O2O after the battle, the group founder and CEO of Mr Wang to internal nearly all employees issued a “2015 years is O2O years of Armageddon” the mobilization of mail, indicates the group to the O2O industry. Meituan announced a $700 million has been completed in early 2015 D round, valued at $7 billion. According to Meituan network, according to official figures Meituan currently covered nearly 1000 cities, more than 200 million users, over 80 merchants in the national scope, Meituan net annual turnover reached 46 billion yuan last year. In addition, the data also showed that group net 46 billion yuan transactions in the United States, the mobile transactions accounted for above 90%.

here are the group network CEO Mr Wang’s internal speech in full:

Mr Wang: today, I feel we are very excited, but I think maybe I am here of one of the most exciting mood, because the path to “ordinary” made me think a lot, think of me and many colleagues came all the way some of the things:

2011 , we first propose an unconditional refund

5 years ago, before it was officially launched in Meituan HuaQingJiaYuan in haidian district of Beijing tsinghua east gate, a three-bedroom, had a simple discussion forums, a dozen men at that time, we also face many difficulties, in the meeting, many people shed tears, including me. On March 4, 2011, we made “live on” in haidian theater, we look into the market, we made a commitment to consumer, also was the first to put forward the refund unconditionally, with practical action to practice the “customers first” values. A move that set up the group’s brands, to help us attract a lot of businesses and consumers, and in 2011 the crazy “thousand regiment war” in the final win. Meituan first year, we have done a turnover of 1.45 billion.

2012 , we advance a day 30 km

2012 annual meeting, we are in the north of the lecture hall opened in one hundred. The annual meeting, everybody together to review what happened a year as well as the encountered difficulties and obstacles, I tell you the story of the Antarctic expedition, proposed forward 30 kilometers every day. In 2012, we blew open station, crazy on order, visit, this a series of things to do, at the end of 2012, Meituan has preliminarily determines the our advantage in bulk. I believe that today you can see, we insist on March 30 miles a day, before three years we have accumulated a what kind of grades.

2013 year, we say that 2015 to achieve 1000 $

2013 annual meeting, we put forward a new goal, in 2015 to the year 100 billion turnover, more long-term goal is, by 2020 to reach 1 trillion transactions. I think America’s life very closely the services and the Internet, is one of the trillions of market. From that time, until now, has been to the future, I am greatly convinced that this goal is. I believe that in such a big market, a very good time there, there are so many businesses, there are so many users, we have such strong demand, and so we have to force team, there are so smart, hardworking and values are very, very good team, we can achieve this goal. And now, you can see, in the just concluded in 2014, we implemented the deal of 46 billion, compared with 180% in 2013, from the 100 billion target, no longer out of reach.

2014 years, we caught a lot of opportunities

if you look back over the past year happened, will see a lot of miracle, it is because in the past year we have been on good face great opportunity, and seize them.

once crazy open station, now, we have covered more than one thousand cities across the country, it is already include almost all the places around the country and the large county of even smaller, Meituan has basic covers on the geographical location of China. To further improve our share, from 50% to 60% market share, annual completed 46 billion turnover target. Furthermore, we not only on the advantages of the original business gradually the difference with opponents, in the original places a bulk weaker than rivals, also in many cities. Now the top one hundred cities we have 93 is the first name, only a few cities in the hands of competitors. We have been in the past year, however, to find sustained and effective way, as long as adhere to these measures, and insist on investment, we can slowly closing the gap in these places, then take the last advantage.

I hope that the future national jiangshan in group-buying business top a piece of red, to see all the cities we are the first.

Meituan segment business for full bloom

it is not only in the original comprehensive group purchase business, in a lot of segmentation category above we also gradually to blossom, the group will become the good assistant of all beer and skittles.

in the movie, beginning in 2012, after three years of efforts, the last year we had the preliminary results. The cat’s eye film seat selection and a bulk gradually in parallel. In this movie, whether it’s seat selection or group, we are the market first, put together, the country every three tickets have a through Meituan sold. Moreover, we are not only embodied in the trading session, are also gradually to the upstream, to permeate other link chain. We believe that our closest to the consumer, we know most Chinese consumers whether they want to see what kind of movies, what kind of movies they need, we can use technology, with data, using our services to help the industry better, make the industry better and win-win.

delivery is a very arduous, but realized the jedi counterattack of the market, we enter the time later than rivals, all less than rivals, spend less money than rivals. But, in one year, through the efforts of the team, we come back quickly realized, and initially established a dominant position. Although the war is far from over, but we have preliminarily established a dominant position.

hotel in this area is also, begin from 2012, we began to aim at the market, hotel group set up last year, and pull the other travel-related businesses. By the end of last year, when Meituan room nights and more than one thousand each quarter, according to the number of room nights, we only to ctrip, bigger than where to go, than art the same, we has become the country’s second largest platform for the hotel reservation, and our growth is the fastest.

in this process, we have a lot of new business incubation, because we will ultimately become the good assistant of all beer and skittles. This thing only the Internet is not enough, only the Internet a few products is not enough, we need to impress the businessman, with a variety of products form connected consumers, make good service from all aspects.

high constant innovation, but also a variety of problems

in the past few years, we see a lot of ideal in gradually become a reality. Moreover, we constantly innovation is high, but at the same time, also suffered all kinds of problems.

March 7 in the morning I look at the mail, yesterday we said volumes in various applications together the whole platform is 368 million, we hit a record for a one-day again. But yesterday also met a serious problem. In the evening, but many consumers pay not brush a Meituan stamps, may be because the consumer is too positive, the traffic is too big, may be because of other reasons, some wrong with our system. If it were not for the failure, our results will be better, our consumer experience will be better.

we create new miracles every day, every day in the event of a new problem. But, as long as the forward 30 miles a day, as long as we still believe before the goal, and the whole team can still have a common values, coordination mechanism, different opinions have very good, I believe we can go down.

2015 years, a new starting point does not forget his mind

just now I look back on the past five years, but today, we are looking forward to tomorrow, looking forward to the next five years, we have a lot of a lot of things need to do, there are a lot of things to do, however, we still have to have their own principles.

here I want to tell a thing, when they have a problem, I think no matter for individuals, for the team, or for the entire company, one elder told me many years ago, I would like to share with you.

a lot of people probably heard ostrich principle of me to tell everyone about this story. Turkey is larger than the hen, if from the point of view of onlookers, Turkey is larger than the hen is really or two laps. The hen to see, however, Turkey and actually feel about, is less convinced of Turkey hen ratio I big, it think you may be bigger than me.

however, when an ostrich come over whether the hen or Turkey, whether they don’t, they can agree in front of a strong contrast ostrich really do bigger than me. This truth is very profound, contrast between person and person, the contrast of team and team, the company and the comparison of the company, the same principle.

in the early days, so we think our values than the opponent correction, our team is better than rivals, we better than others, the basis of the opponent is not, it doesn’t matter, it’s useless to argue at this time, we need to do is what? Or return to the fundamental problem, consumers first, merchants, second, third, shareholders in the fourth team, we have enough resources, good team, we go to enough good enough merchants cooperation, and then go to service customers and merchants.

today, Meituan has more than two hundred million users across the country, in the mobile Meituan above is second only to the biggest electricity marketing platform, taobao is bigger than Tmall, neusoft than Beijing. So, as long as we can insist on, insist on much faster than its rivals, you can see, once thought to be our competitors has been our far behind.

this is what we need to understand, need to face, and it is need to bear in mind constantly practice.

2015 years O2O war, we face many challenges

in the face of the challenges of the future, I think this year will be the O2O really zhengda decisive battle of the year. Group buying things we accounted for 60% of the market share or higher, but is not completely over. In the field of film, BAT, or other various companies, online like us, they have been doing a lot to try. Nights between in the field of hotel, although we have been very big, but cover share, not very many situations the consumer demand is still can’t meet very well. Is an important part of tourism and hotel, but not all, there are other important part, it the rest of the opponent is very strong. Delivery we have made good progress, on campus, we use a year back, but in white collar and a larger inside we are just coming into the market, and probably some opponents where do better prepared than we.

there are many other new things, because things too much beer and skittles, there are a lot of segmentation, the new model will emerge in endlessly, all with the help of the Internet down transformation life services, beer and skittles. User is not belong to our natural, merchants are not natural to us, so we need to constantly strive for them, we need to use our team and use our products and services to prove to merchants, said Meituan we can best help you, help you bring more traffic, help you make more money. We need to work with merchants, let customers get the most popular here, most of the service and the best value. These things we need to constantly striving to repeatedly insisted.

second, I think this should be a Meituan focus to deal in Taiwan, building ecological one. Because we need more and more products and services to meet the needs of users, to meet the needs of businesses, and different products, different business needs. We also need to external various partners have various ways of cooperation. The development of this year, so, whether internal or external development requires we have a deal in Taiwan, building ecological consciousness.

I believe that this year’s competition will be very exciting, and deal in Taiwan, building ecological this thing is also a beginning this year, is a very important place to start.

objective to achieve the key is team

just mentioned billions of goal in 2015, the number represents how many merchants to vote for us, this is the most fair thing. Turnover represents how much consumers voted to believe you, on behalf of the user base and businesses in the electric business platform, it is a very important thing. nullnullnullnullnull