The green lion, on the premise of legal service party independent pricing and let the lawyers are no longer difficult

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as Internet thinking wave of science and technology, the traditional industry constantly present a trend from the Internet. Legal profession is not exceptional also, of course, abroad have such as rocket lawyer and legal zoom explorers in the field, have YesMyLaw, love justice, etc. Such as the green lion hunting cloud network has focused on network and its related products.

green lion net electric business going in law, it doesn’t have to build fully functional Web site, there is no development of the popular APP , but with the development of HTML 5 Web APP, users don’t need to download, when has the need to open the WeChat green lion net public, can use all the features, including flagship product lawyer sign in green lion network and green lion clouds cloud platform to buy store business circle, etc. Will also be bank of communications and metro China light application links in the green lion nets cloud platform, to effectively grasp the user needs.

about establishing green lion net, lion net, founder and CEO, said Mr Roger wang, in addition to today’s legal market demand presents the strong trend, avoid the giant vertical niche competitive selection is one of the reasons, and the experience of entrepreneurship to draw on a company makes Mr Roger wang at the time of entrepreneurial choice finally chose the law in the field of electricity. Green lion net investor itself also invested entity law firm, it is for the green lion network provides a good platform for the legal resources.

Mr Roger wang said in an interview with hunting cloud network, don’t move the independent APP, because the popular application of mobile phone application of bearing co., LTD., and the commonly used APP is residing on the popular applications such as micro letter, so green lion network committed to use Web APP through user viscosity powerful APP. At present, in addition to the micro letter account, and the green lion network baidu direct number (@ green lion cloud platform) has also get through, is being developed through taobao interface for the mobile end account. Subsequent may also consider will open other traffic APP interfaces and high user activity.

the lawyer sign in green lion’s flagship product, around the individual as the core design, the parties to the parties to a legal services independent pricing as the premise, using HTML 5 technology to develop a Web APP, users in a scenario with legal needs to find a lawyer is no longer difficult. By dividing the party has developed into the lawyer agent at the same time, save the lawyer promotion cost, actual cost reduce overall case.

the lawyer sign in with the aid of WeChat and baidu light application interface, application in view of the legal profession market service demand, will move the lawyer sign in target customers are divided into diabetes mellitus, lawyer, agent, lawyer three kinds of roles, whether to find a lawyer, help a friend to find a lawyer, or a lawyer to find cases, both to the green lion cloud platform, enjoy the different roles of product services

so how to innovate the lawyer is the lawyer sign in the eyes of ordinary people tall on the traditional industry? Let’s see, in general, the traditional off-line way to find a lawyer three common ways: one way, relatives and friends recommend; Way two, baidu your screen; Way three, run law firms, lawyers, shop around, hope we won’t be slaughtered lamb. As a lawyer, receive case relative is the same way, free consultation to mix connections, registered website spell price, email at small ads, do so on tall professional heel stick psoriasis.

but the green lion’s lawyer sign in application is changed the legal service dilemma between supply and demand, from the perspective of the user, to break the fixed time constraints, let the complex things simple. As long as the user has a smart phone, don’t need to download and install, can be released by the micro letter a key legal requirements, and the cost of the case to be decided by the user, the lawyer sign in the system will automatically match the 230000 lawyers throughout the country and the user, if, in the case law can also be replaced.

as a lawyer, need only through a lawyer sign in qualification audit, will be the platform of the diabetes mellitus to lawyers, push in the APP application ecosystem law, for the new practice obtained lawyer qualification (new) grow into big lawyer provides a platform.

in addition to this, the lawyer sign in the bounty of patterns in stimulating app also use requirements and has to be reckoned with, improve the active lawyer sign in can provide legal service for the user not only, still can let users through the use of the light application obtained a bounty of extra income, when users to upgrade to the agent, or to introduce new users as well as providing diabetes mellitus, will get the corresponding reward, and the bounty can be used to pay legal fees and even withdrawal. About the team, Roger wang, founder of the complete their studies in Singapore, for double major in business administration/international marketing. As early as 4 years began to become the first batch of taobao sellers, after advertising media and business experience, worked as COO at white horse media group and healthy media as deputy general manager. And then enter the field of electricity, the guangdong province department of subordinates coverage of guangdong science and technology co., LTD., deputy general manager, responsible for the construction of guangdong agricultural products trading platform site operations.

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it is known that the lawyer sign in five months, WeChat public number will gain the attention of the 100623 number, the parties registered 21074 people, 12962 people registered agent, lawyer qualification activation of 1134 people, the proposal total value of more than 80 million yuan, the lawyer sign in abandoned the private law to the concept of one-on-one with the lawyer, the parties and adopted by the parties and legal service one-on-one mode to attract users.

the light applications today I will prefer the green lion in the net this service point to point mode, but in the increasingly fierce competition in the Internet market, if you want to go on its soil, still need to continue to high-value in user requirements, the foundation, and on how to ensure that it has launched a lawyer to answer corresponding professional problems, and how to meet the demand of users in the aspect of legal irreplaceable offline, how to build a law based on vertical interactive voice under the new mobile online business model, is the green lion network need to continue to think and solve the problem.