The glasses electricity Warby Parker and raised $100 million, $1.2 billion valuation

note: hunting cloud the glasses electricity Warby Parker financing, valuation compared to add more than doubled in 2013, among the $1 billion the company successfully. Company plans the proceeds to expand business entity shop, store number increased to 20.

the glasses electricity Warby Parker has just completed a $100 million in financing, it intends to use proceeds to expand business entity shop.

there are media reports that last month Warby Parker plans to increase the intensity of finance, company valuations have reached $1 billion.

, according to people familiar with the Warby Parker valuations reached $1.2 billion in the latest round of financing, is more than double in 2013 the company valuations, it was valued at $500 million. Warby Parker also because of this latest round of financing and among the $1 billion private technology companies.

in Warby Parker, the latest round of funding, led the investor’s investment company t. Rowe Price. Before this, Warby Parker since its creation in 2010 of the total amount of financing of $115.5 million.

Warby Parker, CEO and co-founder of Dave Jill boateng (Dave Gilboa) said the Warby Parker is not yet profitable, but revenue has been growing. At present, in addition to the online store, Warby Parker owns and operates a total of 12 entity shop, located in nine cities.

Warby Parker intends to use the proceeds to expand financing entity shop business, the number of stores up to 20. Warby Parker, existing staff 500 people, roughly half of the work in the store.

now, consumers need to inform his eyesight Warby Parker and choose the right frames, then Warby Parker to custom glasses for consumers. According to Jill boateng, company working on some new technology, let consumer can use their mobile phones to test visual acuity.


gill bo said, the company at present, there is no exit plan, he added: “the condition of our balance of payments is very healthy, we have a lot of flexibility.”