The gen era: lianchuang space need to dig a moat

【 results 】

1, in the era of the habitat space emerge, every lianchuang space should find their own style and differentiated services to build a moat, otherwise it is easy to fall into the “price war”.

2, diversified financial services is the key of the temple at the present stage of science and technology, its entrepreneurial teams provide early investment, credit, a new three board listing, and other financial services based on renminbi capital.

3, “first money do size, again looking for capturing business model” of the Internet business logic is not suitable for habitat space, and should set up a healthy and sustainable development mode, so the temple of science and technology to follow the thinking of “financial driven and design oriented”.

4, including the temple of science and technology, most of the habitat space are bred in a basic office services and value-added services are also more rough, the industry is still in the early, the business model’s profits space is limited.

sequence: lianchuang space of different play

last week, penguins wisdom cool do commune “joint venture” is analyzed, which is currently the nation’s largest habitat space, and after nearly five years of operation has formed a set of his own methodology. This week, the penguin wisdom cool will continue reading the good example of lianchuang space: temple of science and technology. Do commune with the joint venture, it is a not rely on government subsidies and support, enterprise management completely lianchuang space, but with the former entrepreneur community operating as the core idea is different, temple of science and technology is through a more vertical, threshold higher professional financial services itself in terms of service and value differentiation.

1, the birth of science and technology, temple

is the birth of the temple of science and technology, the founder and Jason is directly related to personal experience.


currently, covers an area of 2000 square meters of kitashinbashi temple is the largest habitat space Beijing science and technology, the space occupancy within 25 business team, team size average at around 10 people, all the full rent for a total of 270 station, a single station rental fee is 1600 yuan/month. Late last month, the temple of science and technology in the sanlitun area and shenzhen futian opened new stores, three stores with a total area of about 6000 square meters, revenue control in the scale of 2000 square meters. Three stores to open about 800 stations, including sanlitun occupancy rate has been more than half. Plan, the temple of science and technology will open six stores across the country this year, in Beijing, shenzhen, hangzhou, Shanghai and other domestic business atmosphere of the most active in the city.

2, science and technology the logic of temple

1, the unique location of logical


in addition, Jason itself is not willing to stick: “incubator cluster and office space will inevitably bring the comparison, the comparison will be the most intuitive reflect on the price, this will affect the area forms.” At the same time, habitat space and has strong regional economic characteristics, so don’t want to compete on price temple avoids the concentration areas of science and technology, hope to adhere to the business model for myself to find relatively free of soil.

2, service upgrade iterative logic



three, temple of science and technology operating methodology

1, play the differentiation with financial services, establish a moat

is the temple of science and technology and other diversified financial services most lianchuang space differentiation, including early investment, credit loans, new three board listing services.


in addition, for not willing to sell too much equity in the early stages of a team, the temple of science and technology provides the loan service: cooperate with Banks, mutual completion of risk control provided by the bank to the team, unsecured credit loans.

2, lianchuang space cannot burn do

although lianchuang space has been considered to be “Shared economic model is used for transformation of the traditional office mode” of the typical applications, has a “Internet +” halo, but it is used to carry people infinite commercial carrier of imagination is still a commercial real estate, is a relatively traditional business. Compared to most of the Internet business “burning money do size, again looking for business model to liquidate” logic, Jason think such train of thought in this business lianchuang space doesn’t work, “lianchuang space pattern determines the: if it is the first space with losing money to do it, it will never be profitable, it will become an unhealthy business model, and unsustainable.”

visible, Jason is start from the interest, but is serious when a business to do. Want good service in the space of entrepreneurial teams, premise is that the space itself to healthy continuing operations. Both losses and profits are not do lianchuang space state. At present, the temple has passed constructions of science and technology to achieve the profit and loss balance, but from the sustainable management to scale profit still have a long way to go.

“delicate small pavilion”, 3, do not do “chain snack”