The fourth session of China’s new media venture contest in hangzhou, 12 local project Demo Day

2015 (4th) China’s “new media business competition” organized by zhejiang newspaper, media dreamworks animation, game in April 2015 to November in hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, haier marina, qinghai, chengdu, nanning, suzhou, shenzhen and other places continuously, also there will be a special O2O and video.

hunting cloud network service platform is the activity of the entrepreneurs and media support, at the same time is the co-organizer Beijing station.

on May 9, sponsored by zhejiang daily newspaper group, media dream factory to undertake the 2015 China’s new media venture contest in hangzhou area final hang seng science and technology park. Match points in the morning and two in the afternoon. Shallum the keynote speeches and discussions in the morning, a good warehouse, founder of suger, micro chain founder, iterative chamber-of-commerce-style capital partners to deliver a speech. Afternoon Demo Day, vice President of IDG capital before the roadshow LouJun speech, then a dozen projects in the final scene statements and questions answered, counsel, after the judges decide the promotion team 3 armour.

this type of twelve team project diversification, involving intelligent hardware, information service, O2O, education, social, and other niche .


the development team is the first domestic audio engine as the core product technology service company, avatar, middleware is the core of their products, for the third party to develop the app/web applications such as multipoint audio and video, and data sharing ability, help the third party team in their products quickly convenient implementation similar to video chat and conference system function, and is the first domestic audio and video in the browser direct start to provide functional software.

zhang wang

the fiscal and taxation O2O platform using the Internet for small micro enterprise and cloud, solve the small micro enterprise accounting, tax, tax planning and so on. Through intensive, standardized practices, subverts the traditional generation industry.


project initially by WeChat friends forwarding, free help businessmen docking of all kinds of resources, plans to develop the app, enhance the effectiveness of information, integration of professional resources, achieve more accurate electricity resources docking.

notification on

the tong is a small north ‘science and technology research and development of large events oriented information system, as the organizers issued, the registration of the activity, affiliate marketing, photo sharing, scores query, clock chip, sign in to recount, games, drawing and so on to provide one-stop information technology solutions.

zun boss

kind boss is a wine and wine related activities of O2O purchase application. By foreign merchants alliance zero cost promotion, Shared business customers resources, accumulation platform for users. User place the order, the platform has the door professional explanation and wine service service, at the same time, offline provide users more drinking experience, committed to the wine into a kind of social media.

interesting English dubbing

by the way of adding sound to films and practice oral English, is domestic first is offline, the voice of English App. Boring dubbing team carefully gathering of the world’s classic the latest movie, TV drama, film and television, animation, song MV, such as video, and the sole professional exam questions made video, create the most complete video class spoken language learning system, let the user at the same time of play dubbing, unconsciously improve spoken English, really entertainment and teaching as a whole.

copy rock help

“imagination” type of creative copywriter solutions provider, relying on the excellent creative team, custom viral copywriter for the enterprise. Want to copy the custom as the foundation, PPT tutorial as the tipping point, finally into the field of network video.

Feelu pictures social

is both a social platform, but also a photo tool, provides the “double take” the new play, cultivate habits, to push social tools form. To give priority to, the relationship between people advocate people travel and food, pet, social attribute, social relations between people. In relation to push content, through the footprint, the cloud photo albums, group motivate users to send pictures, to generate content, ongoing relationship between user and content optimization.

What fun

a moving the tourism image community, through the built-in visit “camera” to help users visit to make beautiful and interesting pictures. After the issue of the photos to provide information and browse the content of two classes of users through some interactive activities, discussion and attention, thus forming where fun community.

my class

“my class” the client is compatible with traditional home school through short message service, on the basis of the wireless client as the main form to K12, colleges, all kinds of training institutions and teachers, parents and students to provide free home school communication services, have character and class, many children management functions, such as convenient for parents to provide unlimited, second grade rights management to achieve the teacher’s privacy protection.

the melon tam

pure mobile interconnection kernel development platform for the local life information, local information digital, life is a reverse counselling for agents, operators on the use of the platform of reverse drainage system. The melon pool is responsible for the building site administrator, multi-user, region, app, WeChat platform; Rapid absorption into the customer platform through operators, agents, release of information, business operations.

best cloud even electromechanical online trading market

a O2O online combination of mechanical and electrical equipment service network, is a production, procurement, technology, maintenance services, warehousing and other large e-commerce platform, which can be Shared by resources between equipment manufacturers and users to set up a “highway”, solve the platform in mechanical and electrical manufacturing enterprise sales, management issues, to provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.

the end of the road, all the judges to discuss to discuss the final result, the final item at the top of the list are title “fun English dubbing,” second “games”, the bronze “my class” , list released by the judges for the winning team after trophy and bonuses.

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