The first “preheating” southwest entrepreneurship roadshow

hunting cloud network is introduced:

hunting cloud network science and technology, new media is the industry authority, focusing on the field of TMT, focus on entrepreneurial innovation, focus on new products, new company, new model, with original scoop, analysis, and first-hand accounts from silicon valley is famous in the industry, many entrepreneurs called the grounding gas business media. Hunting cloud network station in Beijing, substation has been opened in chengdu, hangzhou, Shanghai and shenzhen, substation is under preparation. In addition to the media service, hunting cloud network has been set up investment and financing and docking services platform, incubator () is located in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, hangzhou, forming media + + offline activities, investment and financing product matrix, the incubator for entrepreneurs to provide a comprehensive range of services. Important: completely free!

so far, hunting cloud network has already reported nearly 1000 start-ups, including dozens of investment in hunting cloud network docking platform for startups get investment, the total volume has exceeded 150 million yuan. Such as rice science and technology, curtilage meters, ten thousand d interconnection, blue cross culture, lala park, known as blended and so on.

at the moment we had reached a cooperation, and more than 100 active investment and financing institutions including sequoia, warp/weft, lenovo, bertelsmann, shanda, ali, tencent, etc., docking for entrepreneurs to provide investment and financing services. Which help capital projects, project change!


to know chengdu area business atmosphere, the local government business related supporting policies fairly. Positioning “innovation service” hunting cloud network has set up a substation in chengdu, chengdu local and even the entrepreneurial teams in southwest China is dedicated to provide you with more high-quality media, capital docking services.

the first cloud network hunting start-ups in southwest China roadshow

roadshow time: 9:00 on 25 April, each project roadshow 10 to 15 minutes.


activity is coffee (tianfu software park area A 9 building 3 floor)

the organizers: hunting cloud network

co-hosted: is coffee


: association of chengdu science and technology business incubators, kechuang tong, financial hives, surplus and the power, the judgment this, activists, marriage APP

media support: tianfu entrepreneurship, coffee, I roadshow, it monitor, network knife

have been identified to attend this “national-level investment and financing of investment institutions include:

matrix partners, IDG capital, the source of capital, in bejing, the capital, five KeBang capital, fortune venture capital, mango, honeycomb vc funds, from investment, venture capital, media dreamworks angels bay, Ren Fei funds. Rice capital (in no particular order), also in gradually increase.

welcome entrepreneurs have financing needs of the team actively enrolled in road shows, at present nearly 100 application startup project. However, there may be a part of the project due to excessive application program cannot attend the roadshow. Please kindly understand.

attend roadshow registration deadline: April 20, 2015

review period: from now on, on April 23, 2015, approved the project on the evening of 23, announced the latest.

entrepreneurial projects, investment agency registration link:

flat HongGuang (tel: 15300308656, micro signal: phg502510282)

sun ce (tel: 18640451649, micro signal: sunce0405)

BP send email: or (indicating attend roadshow, project, head of the basic introduction, contact information, attachment BP)