The first enterprise letter: a fusion of communication enterprise communication tools, to create “the third space” to communicate

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human nature is complicated, interpersonal relationship is complex. WeChat success stems from the human nature “identity and belonging,” people are afraid of loneliness, need to prove a familiar circle “value and existence”. Devoted to the emergence of the stranger also verified the human nature of “boundary” breakthrough self desires. From the point of maslow’s theory of human needs, WeChat meet the needs of human security, emotion, Momo satisfy the human nature “physiological needs”. So the question comes, in human nature is more important to gain respect, self-actualization needs can be satisfied?

“we team put forward the three dimensions of human nature, the circle of acquaintances micro letter is the first communication space, once devoted to stranger circle of strangers is the second communication space, the first letter will make enterprises in the third communication space namely the work world, the circle, people work together, the achievement of each other’s respect and self-realization, the third communication space, only in the work world the people to achieve respect and realize self value.” The first enterprise CEO letter m ja to hunt said cloud network. The first companies believed to be a team communication tool service company.

the organization’s business at the end of the day is to let a person do things, the importance of the communication efficiency between the two teams are obvious. With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, the organization team to work the way of profound changes will occur. First companies believe it is in this context, puts forward the concept of “the third space” to communicate, hope that through integration communication way to improve the overall efficiency of team cooperation.

at present influence the efficiency of the team communication: just don’t know who to find; Know who to find but can’t find; Time is fragmented, workplace diversity of communication is not smooth, and so on and so forth. The problem is the opportunity, the first companies took out their own solutions to this letter. The function of the letter of the first companies have implemented mainly include the following:

1. Aiming at the problem of finding, provides the enterprise address book function and function of business friends, business contacts function is used to communicate within the team, business friends function communicate with upstream and downstream partners, in addition to this, also be helpful to the personal work world and network maintenance.

2. The first company support letter by message, voice mail, voice calls and multi-party conference call.

3. Integration of communications technology applied to the first enterprise and enterprise original letter communication system can undertake docking, achieve the effect of synchronization with the original system, avoid the user needs to switch back and forth between the two systems of trouble, to ensure the same experience.

4. The enterprise can currently support Windows, Android and IOS devices, basic covers most user scenarios, both in the office and can work on the road.

5. The first enterprise synchronization mechanism has a news letter, let the user file synchronization between multiple clients, convenient to log in to your account after view the download file.

with the first companies offer a similar service vendor is not a few letter, main competitors including WeChat enterprise number, ali’s IM nailing and traditional enterprise manufacturers. A giant standing, although there is no overwhelmingly voice application, but can not help but ask, Internet giant into the market, others still have a chance?

the ja meters, said: “if a market has no competition, there are only two possibilities: either the market didn’t have identified prospects, or the industry status. Ali nailing I am very excited, it shows that we have chosen the right market, the direction is fine. Failure in the competition is not sad, sadly walked a no future.”

if you take the first companies believe it with micro comparison, the author thinks that, in terms of team collaboration micro letter is suitable for small group communication, the first company letter is suitable for the use of large and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, in the context of the function of the micro letter now, fit in with the field staff communication using weak (PC), the first company letter is suitable for people in the office often use, and the privatisation deployment and integration communication ability compared with micro letter more advantage. Micro letter, although very strong, product positioning and development strategy is different, need professional person to do professional.

nailing carried out systematic is ali, the team members to hunt cloud network said, “each have advantages and disadvantages, disadvantages in terms of promotion of resources and capital is very obvious, but we have 20 years of experience in enterprise communications services, the first enterprise one over nailing in the letters and stability and voice quality. More importantly in the deployment of privatization, for security reasons, large and medium-sized enterprises tend to manage their data, prevent data were leaked.

the first companies believe team to hunt cloud network, according to the first enterprise letter cloud platform of enterprise users has more than 5000, and is growing at 70-100 a day. And when users really experience the product after most of the first companies still in use, that product for the user viscosity is bigger.

planning for the future, the team said: “the future will increase the enterprise social function, and can support a user in multiple teams. Popular speaking, is to set up a personal exclusive work world, circle of friends is different from WeChat acquaintances, Momo third communication space after the strange circle of friends. In addition, will open platform service ability, through the open interface to integrate diverse business system, at the same time for some common office scenario development application, to meet the common needs of the majority of users.”

“the sale of our products have been through a user feedback to gather requirements, the development of future products, to a large extent to analyze user feedback Suggestions and requirements, because from the user about the product, say again good also is talking nonsense.” M ja to hunt said cloud network.

it is understood that the first companies believe permanent free public cloud platform will adhere to the main body function, the future may be for file storage space, and other functions to provide some value-added services. The privatization is deployed and some customized development and service charge. “As for the future business model, we do not worry, as long as the product is good enough, there must be a suitable business model, but if the product has a problem, even if moved to die sooner or later a good business model, so we will still take the product development direction as invited.”

the first companies believe the founding team has a very rich experience, with an average age of 41. The CEO m ever founded guangdong jiahe communication, ja entrepreneurial experience over the past twenty years; CTO Hu Xiubiao within 15 years of TMT industry research and development, product and management experience, has started to spell spell Shared; CHRO cattle JunWei once served as director of human resources in two listed company; Chief architect QinHaiFeng had presided over a number of national, provincial, city major scientific research projects. The total number of the current team around 60 people.

according to hunt cloud network, making the first angel rounds of financing by the founder of the letter of. Is currently considering A round of funding for product development, operations and offline sales and so on.