The father of the iPod, the founder of the Nest: developers how to keep the child thinking

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cloud network hunting note: did you always pop up some strange ideas? A child wrapped in choose patience to listen to you to ask questions? Do you feel the real world is full of progress and change of space? If the answer to these three questions is no, then congratulations, you have the “old”. Also defy spirit? Let the iPod developers tell you why.

what is a habit? Habit is the more frequently we use something, the more bizarre and inconvenience of it for granted. For example: we will tear up before we eat fruit in the above labels. In many ways, the habit means that damage and interrupt it is concluded that the innovation concept of brain storming. IPod and Nest developers Tony Fadell has been entitled “the creative spark” TED speech “is used to prevent we find that the things around and change”.

jobs often call this “new”, namely to first use of the products constantly psychological review products. This is why Fadell and jobs had decided to let the iPod is fully charged before they go out, the previous electronic products are not so convenient, but it now it has become the industry standard.

as a product designer, Fadell constantly fighting and habits. In the process, he summed up the three experience, to help people avoid used to disguise, and try to find and solve the problem of these intangible.

look further

product development will not be plain sailing, and solution to the problem you made up the outline of this product in the future. So what is the deep eyes? Plainly spoken eyes deep integration problem, simplify the product. Fadell to Nest the first product – a thermostat as an example to explain the point of view. When the thermostat has just been invented, it has only one function: adjust the temperature. But people want it more energy efficient, so the company joined the thermostat scheduling this feature. Fadell said, in fact, no one know how best to arrange the sequence of its “energy-saving, this is not because people cannot predict the future.”

so, Fadell back one step, adjust the temperature from only the function of a thermostat start to think about energy saving of the problem. This time, this machine can suitable automatically ADAPTS to the user’s timing table – he succeeded. A Nest, the user need not set any program can achieve the result of energy saving. Fadell summed it up this way: “take a step back to see the existing product, could combine or cut a little bit about the their functions you will be successful.”

again carefully look at

although design products to profound, but details – even if you first notice the small details, is also extremely important. Fadell initial goal is to put the thermostat design is more simple, without the aid of any external force user can install themselves so Fadell and his team is only in the above three screw is designed. The use of user feedback, however, as expected. Therefore, Nest start all over again, and finally invented the exclusive screws. Investors do not want to let them do this, of course, because they just want to focus on sales. Fadell to follow his own ideas, invented for the Nest thermostat design unique screws. Product improvement, all complaints.

keep the young mind

inspired Fadell is usually a child’s question. The children always have endless questions, such as car why can’t fly? However, some problems can be Fadell under a Nest project, why can’t email them to check for new mail, for example, and then tell us?

and articles mentioned in the beginning, habit will let us more and more used to the status quo, regard it as a kind of can’t change the established model. But the young mind would not be so easy to rigid, it will come up with a lot of problems and then derived a lot of creative solutions. Fadell like employment idea of young people, and try to let them keep the childlike innocence. Young thinking not only can produce the creative spark, can activate other ageing mind more. Fadell said: “despite the habit, the image of the world reflected in our eyes will be more clear. Our goal is to return to the starting point – keep a heart not old.”

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