? The father of the Android rubin make a hardware incubator, tencent for refs

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“the father of the Android” Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) announced that its hardware incubator founded – Playground Global, obtained including Google, HP, foxconn, red dot capital, as well as tencent’s $48 million in financing.

the rubin called “studio” start-up, is actually a hardware incubators, is mainly focused on the potential and the guest team, hardware startups to offer help and solution (distribute promotion, production, financial management, cloud services, etc.). It is worth noting that the Playground Global hatched by itself is not investment start-up, would take a proportionate number of shares in the drawn from startup in return.

from foreign media sources said, as one of the investors, tencent will provide Playground Global incubation enterprise with the support of cloud services. Rubin, points out that the purpose of his creation of the startup, is to cater to the current hardware gen era, for those startups and investors.

rubin, who used to work at apple, earlier after created Android, and in one year after the sale to Google. After media outlets reported, rubin, because of the personality and management philosophy, highly within Google, and after the surrender the Android business management, has devoted himself to Google robot business.

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