The “exclusive” escape cloud customer service to complete 15 million yuan. A round of funding

(text/He Yuying)

from the customer service is a cloud based on SaaS cloud enterprise service tool, used for enterprise external customer support services (service) and internal staff support service. Recently, hunting cloud project investment and financing platform for from the founder of the cloud customer service Ye Xiang to cloud network exclusive hunting, according to the project in 2015 at the end of April for only hunt capital 15 million yuan A round , hunting cloud network will continue to help get more excellent entrepreneurial project the attention of investors.

from the cloud customer service formerly KF5 help desk, in July 2014 changed its name, the same year in November for millions of yuan angel jiuhe vc investment. Amidst the cloud customer service to resolve customer service tool fragmentation, standardized and unified management problems. Through effectively integrate a variety of sources, such as E-mail, weibo, micro letter, the customer request submitted in the form of unified into a “work order”. Customer service through mobile phone APP, mobile tools such as micro letter find problems and feedback, managers can easily grasp comprehensive customer service performance, customer service, trend and view the report, at the same time clients also can view the current processing progress at any time.

the current from a cloud service had 8000 + registered enterprises, users across multiple industries and in many well-known enterprises good feedback, including baidu, 360, UBER, md, honey tao, shentong, suitable abundant wisdom, new interconnection, cloud, etc., and the user scale continues to expand.

the investor only capital and let cloud communication for related parties, hunting hunting cloud network learned that subsequent escape the cloud customer service will work closely with let cloud communication, product integration content including but not limited to customer support channel cooperation, market, etc., to provide users with a lower cost, better quality of the telephone voice support service. Will be attached more cloud voice call function at the same time, a cable transfer, calls the ground, was reclining at the table, statistics, billed in the inspection, etc.

cloud network hunting on February 6, 2015, access to the escape and the cloud customer service team, with founder Ye Xiang conducted an interview (), and to help the team provides financing on the butt. The round A success has proved that the cloud network hunting on the startup project support constant enthusiasm and strength, the future hunting cloud network will also continue to seek them more excellent project, and provide service and help for them.

Ye Xiang tell hunting cloud network, this round of funding will be used in A product quality, stability and function of ascension. Teams will want to lower the difficulty of the use of products for enterprise, clear the meaning of product functions, along with detailed instructions and use skills. At the same time the whole team will also increase, has now set up branch in Beijing.