The Drop, music edition Product Hunt

cloud network hunting note: do you like me to filmmaking non-mainstream remix music? But because of copyright issues, these music works by each big mainstream music application and music web site. So, do you also like me, struggling to find a site designed for electronic music? Well, today is a website called The Drop were recommended for everybody.

music, our life is full of music, the music of the sea, how to find the music I like? For dance fans, want to find their favorite music is harder. Although the company has 100% of the original library, but this kind of music audition application does not include those very cool non-mainstream mixing works. And SoundCloud music playing around with the software management function is very limited, if you use this app to a pile of clutter scattered electronic music works published, it is easy to make the person produces tired mood.

if someone is able to design an electronic dance music is similar to Digg, Reddit, Hacker News, Product Hunt such a site, that this much good ah!

happily, does anyone really did it. Twitch co-founder Justin Kan told me: “I want to design such a web site, on this website can show the latest electronic music work every day.”

Justin Kan named this site The Drop.

Justin Kan is The original plan, through The Drop site can pick out good works of mixing, and then through a downloadable MP3 to share them. But while he was in Twitter direct messages to me about this idea, my response is “now there are people to download music?” Then he didn’t reply to me.

two weeks later, Justin Kan to The Drop website conceive into one by The community management of music streaming site TheDrop. The club. Later in his reply to my messages, I think that he was inspired. “When you ask me now, will someone to download music, I realized that the answer to this question is not, so I changed my original idea.”

The Drop site creation is based on open source content management interface Telescope and SoundCloud API, The site can online play songs of The most popular with The users list. If you want to add music in the list, you just need to copy songs SoundCloud link to come over. You can switch to view recent history or song, or according to the different type to discover music, such as the mismatch between the trap, indie/nu disco or tropical house. But here to remind you that if you are familiar with The music category name not mentioned above, or you don’t like The hum of The electronic music, The music above The Drop may make you feel confused.

“I never thought it can really make money. The Drop is not a business, it’s just a web site. I think the music industry is not a profitable industry.” Kan admitted. Now he still has the amazon to buy video game website Twitch paid 980 million in cash, so the money for him really is not a problem to worry. “If The Drop site would be able to help me for a long time to find good music, I had to feel satisfied. I really hope I can have more and more people use The site, so I promise I will try to sustain The Drop site operations.”

Justin Kan has found a new favorite song on The Drop website: from RLGrime & amp; “Tell Me” What So Not.

we sincerely hope that this website works of non-mainstream mixing can also have been preserved. Because SoundCloud music audition software transformation now is trying to become a perfectly legal service, non-mainstream mixing work this in the grey zone of music could be because of copyright infringement and was deleted. This type of music has been generally like music audition services completely blocked.

although labels may not like the music, but mixing works of the original producer found these non-mainstream mixing works have good promotion prospects. Justin Kan said: “the electronic music is the first music genre for marketing of other things, we can often be heard in the large-scale activities and nightclubs electronic music, and these are really able to make money.”

The Drop site’s purpose is to let more people hear The best mixing works, such as The following first by Vanic elaborate its style “Skinny Love”, The original song is Bon Iver independent works of folk song.

the introduction of users to vote for in the cloud music management mode can make up for the shortage of the existing large music streaming service, because we now demand for management of music reached an unprecedented height. Music creation and the democratization of communication tools for all kinds of music have sprung up across China, but they don’t need to have a high quality music works.

everyone should have the power to express themselves through art, this means that we can explore the good music and lots more. Like The Drop of The package management web site let us these DJ “bedroom” also can have The opportunity to dig out The potential of a superstar.

Source: TC