“The dream silk man” in the fourth quarter back, sohu video lead content brand platform

recently, “the dream silk man” in the fourth quarter announced regression, and slot on Wednesday. It also marks the sohu video, a strong brand in the comedy category dominance of homemade play, on the basis of leading Internet video homemade evolved to brand platform to an unprecedented stage of development.

“the dream silk man” series from the Internet, system for Internet users, the former three quarters cumulative level of playback volume has reached 2.6 billion, constantly create a homemade insurmountable peak records show, China’s network also historic beyond the performance of the top TV dramas.

“the dream silk man” in the fourth quarter also following a feverish pitch. First, zero set 20 online 24 hours playback volume of more than 15 million, a series of new play 20 million, mobile broadcast accounted for 80%, total accumulated more than 2.6 billion, amount of homemade drama play in industry growth is high, and swept the major social and search the film heat and subject, continue to transcend all network level historical performance of the play.

it is reported, “the dream silk man” in the fourth quarter, besides joke story will continue after more than one hundred “all-star squad, with super star lineup disruptive, han geng goddesses fan bingbing, gods and south Korean popular singer Zheng Rong and will join, Germany martina ms” the dream silk “? Hill also multinational, and dapeng together create “20 seconds a punchline” network play god.

compared to the first three quarters, the fourth quarter will pay more attention to the extension of work comedy style and change, makes every effort to make the audience feel real joy, laughter, a comprehensive upgrade. Starring dapeng in “the dream silk man” in the fourth quarter with very cool interpretation of the “million dollar man”, deduced a variety of different styles of huan image, from the suit’s business elite, hippie style of jeans to the chef with dye-in-the-wood individual character, modelling sharp otaku, etc. In addition, the goddess of the fan bingbing han geng guest together hand in hand, many super star and south Korean idol appearance to join not only, and will be disruptive. German lady “the dream silk” starring martina, men and women will finally formal army to prick silk, China and the west’s top comedy acting major collisions, become one of the scenes of the most viewers look forward to.

Super comedy IP rule

“the dream silk man” series was born from the first set, to this day has always been firmly occupy the network drama the king’s leadership, has become to occupy the audience mental network comedy first choice, shaping a super influential the contents of the IP, there are a lot of network drama also reference, learning prick silk man’s creation. The prick silk men still outshine others, IP through platform super content to continue leading industry. On July 17, prick silk men will launch the film version of “pancake man”, formally enter the courtyard line on the big screen; In addition, mobile game with the same will also be promoted. Dapeng studio in sohu video platform innovation, efforts to expand the content of the original ecosystem, across different screens, get through entertainment game industry, realize super IP influential platform for the network homemade brand chain, reverse the traditional development model TV dramas.

in fact, with the entertainment industry makes DNA sohu video on the resource advantages, this is unmatched by other video websites, mature and professional team, operation experience and advantage, sohu group matrix also makes the sohu video of user-generated content fully recognized by the market. Sohu video channels the homemade content platform, content production and brand operation ability, and star formation in the journal prick silk men continue and upgrade, and through the channels and user-generated content, media promotion and marketing ability of the comprehensive advantages, coupled with the sohu video continuously mature sales system, sohu video content of homemade brand platform will lead the industry, and become the sohu video important content.

brand recognition across the earnings

prick silk men series in order to go beyond the influence of TV dramas, with 2.6 billion broadcast widely spread of permeability in China’s 600 million Internet users, the user, maximum gain attention and advertisers. At present “the dream silk man” in the fourth quarter has been chief sponsor of the global leading men care brand lynx, joint sponsors Haitian brand rice sauce, 999 dermatitis flat, sponsors valentine beer, and support the brand such as large lufeng car industry well-known brand the launch of the Lord.

with the “big star, high production, strong innovation” concept of development, sohu video in “the dream silk man” in the fourth quarter of a return at the same time, also introduced the super make “obsession”, after that sohu video will also continuously on-line centerless mage, “he is coming, please close your eyes”, “when he was in a hurry 2”, “hit the bell, and super custom Korean dramas, and many other top homemade high-quality goods, also received a comprehensive brand advertisers recognition and support, to become a competition can rise with TV dramas influence the potential of the plate.

at the same time, sohu video also continue to maintain the domestic popular television dramas in 2015 the first coverage, yueyue drama the king; In domestic drama, variety, self-control, PGC video from areas such as media platform, platform will play a unique resource advantages, gradually consolidated and all areas of the user preferred role, in the video the first camp to overtake.