The door to help: with the foot bath and massage couch the door the foot massage, using “haidilao thinking” not great free of single

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“our teacher is very tired recently, had originally planned to one service to the guests home, they’ll turn into the family type foot massage package. They want to do at 4, 5 personal service, didn’t end until 1, 2 PM. Finally, we transfer them to go home.” This to just turn to the Internet from the traditional industry O2O field with the shopkeeper li, their foot massage massage the door the door for the last two weeks of new products let him try effect is satisfactory.

the shopkeeper told li cloud network hunting, our initial thought demand so big, teachers are not enough. But now we don’t want to rough recruitment. The industry a good foot massage massage teacher too little, in the door for platform they need at least 5 years experience, we also can do a background check, about safety, was not a bit sloppy. Medical check-up, background investigation, data for the record, and professional skills, hygiene, platforms are dead. Now with the teacher on the platform with guaranteed income, to have a meal, we have to rent subsidies, recently we also can give the teacher the insurance.

we do this is to achieve a standard: in the door to help provide the door before the foot massage “haidilao” type service, we want to make all the chefs in the platform to get more they pay due returns, we think that in addition to money, enterprise humanistic care is also outside money hard to do. We believe that none of the companies has been to the foot massage massage master planning their future, but we will have, we have four level of promotion, encouraging them to grow, to the highest level of promotion, can internal business.

described above the teacher, now about the platform to help they cling to. The door to help provide is a foot bath massage O2O door-to-door service startup, main service concept is “haidilao thinking”. Happy can directly on site free of charge, service have to do is more than expected. So the commitment of service is how to do it?

here, for example, a scene, xiao Ming wanted to make a reservation for a door to door for the foot bath, massage service he can in WeChat, android, IOS online (5 February) opened the door to help choose the service, in addition to pick from the project can also choose to choose by the master. Select service after click reservation, the background will be pushed to the corresponding order news. Before leaving, the teacher will take the door to help the trait of “combat”, before the teacher will call the guest to determine the time and arrival time. master door-to-door service for the first time are specifically responsible for the security of communications accompanied by staff, ensure the safety of the customer master and the door.

the master in to the guest house, will bring shoe covers, hand washing, disinfection, finishing the foot massage massage tools (master of the door with all the supplies direct contact with the body for a one-time items, other items are disinfected) will adjust light according to guests’ needs, let out own music sound, try our best to create a relaxed state of foot massage, in the paper the next master will service before the term “to help”, and then start the time. “security bodyguard” at the same time also can run in the background, encounter emergency automatically start alarm mechanism. Service after the finish, the guest can choose a key free of charge according to the service conditions or offline and online payment, at the same time also can give teacher evaluation, the platform at home the whole waste generated service all by the teacher. in general service even if officially ended here, they can finish pick up and leave. But the shopkeeper told li cloud network, hunting does not claims the melon, true because all of our master at least 5 years of experience, so most of the guests can choose to add services, or to his family and then continue to do the service.

what we do is C, at present stage recently for a period of time we consider mainly small and medium sized Internet companies, and need the foot massage the elderly nursing home group. These two services more do is word of mouth and love public welfare, the main free word of mouth. Most people don’t believe the guests finally will increase service, not experience is hard to believe that the next word of mouth publicity can confirm our service.

the door wang do Beijing market at present, the country has set up a file in the plan. The teacher resources is an important part of, next door to help will also vigorously to recruit teachers. But standard remains the same, we are still more than 5 years experience, master of traditional Chinese medicine in general have more than 7 years of experience. Between the master will also referrals, we hope, since we are going to liberate craftsmen, so powerful craftsmen caught the can’t let him go back. Must care to return or keep their growth, etc.

the door massage area actually bears have kung fu, some wonderful hand, point to the panda house, to E, hua tuo landing on players, such as a whole has a different focus, now also is a regional service, there are very few products to expand to other cities operate the specific messages. Now the door for the advantage of, in addition to massage, point the door pedicure is its previous big competition. At present, foot massage equipment take the door, that is, they take the box “combat” is not competing goods can quickly complete plagiarism, lee shopkeeper team to fight for the cases of developed for 3 months. On the professional master degree, the shopkeeper told lee hunt cloud network, individual actually want to make up this section is to think in the Internet do not eat sweet, must be in wage returns, teacher career advancement, staff care to try on. Second is price, actually the door of the O2O foot massage services, prices are lower, the price gap could be erased by value-added services. To do big, “family pedicure services budget version” must be spread at a low price. All the people enjoy more value-added services to maximize the conversion space. But we won’t be the type of traditional marketing, we is to allow customers to put forward requirements. So we agree with this sentence: can’t earn money earn reputation, earned the reputation to earn more money.

in hunting cloud network point of view, the shopkeeper lee and other Internet entrepreneurial talent really have different type, Li Zhiyong belong to the “rational fanatics”, described his people do one thing is to want to do, on my way to patch tinkering. Yourself is to want to do one thing first to psychological validation + research, it is best to start with a new umbrella or the patch played well on the road again, but if has determined to hit the road, that will never turn back.

the shopkeeper li traditional entity industry after operation, with 15 years of experience in serial entrepreneur, master of Beijing university of technology, the teacher had also done a period of time. The shopkeeper told li cloud network hunting, oneself has 40 perplexity, relatively speaking, the present stage belongs to financial freedom, but born for love, you don’t want to regret after many years he had missed the best O2O business window. The CTO is currently the company senior architect, data is also manned li old classmates. Co-founder hong-mei sun graduated from tsinghua, offline with 15 years experience in senior marketing. The shopkeeper told li cloud network hunting, recently he is looking for decree by destiny, take heart. Position is the COO role, had better have BAT background. So he psychological troika can work quickly.

in the end, this period to the end. The middle of the chat, the shopkeeper told li cloud network hunting: “after their traditional enterprise, don’t work overtime, now doing O2O, involuntarily went very late. May be after the dedication to work, but I have to say, let oneself become young.”