The door pedicure O2O platform to help, announced that 5 million angel financing

(article/who 闫森)

today, the door pedicure Li Zhiyong founder O2O platform to help tell hunting cloud network, the door to help angel financing has received 5 million yuan, led to private capital.

do you remember last Friday, the door to help COO king Xue Yong with uniforms they offer cloud network hunting buddy the door pedicure services. Sweet lamp aing kind of sweet grass, ox horn scrapping plate, music, foot massage stone, petals, hammer knock. The feeling of the whole scene really only three words: tall! Master’s service is very polite, all sorts of detail process is in place. Feel they are trained to the professional service.

after the door to help when the founder has introduced their model is clear. door to help provide the foot massage door “haidilao” type service. To the foot is not a pedicure, is to do the foot SPA. Now in the door for platform they also have unified requirements. Need at least 5 years experience, the door gang do a background check, about safety, don’t careless. Medical check-up, background investigation, data for the record, and professional skills, hygiene, platforms are dead. Now with the teacher on the platform with guaranteed income, eat and rent have subsidies, the master is full with the insurance policy.

according to the team, the door to help at this stage have a reflexologist nearly 30, has so far only in the service of Beijing users, users mainly targeting high-end white-collar crowd. Will develop the Shanghai market in April 2015. The center of gravity will also focus on the offline, corporate clients and C end users reputation is two main lines. New to join the door to help the team now is the original COO super curriculum VP after 90, and experienced to push and Internet operations.

in the end, the attached the door to help founder Li Zhiyong personally wrote the article: the door O2O have g-spot .

the g-spot, real, a mysterious and sensitive area, the g-spot stimulation can make people quickly into the excited state, even crazy, experience extreme. The door O2O have g-spot.

a year of 2015 will be O2O business hot, investment boom, hot there is a reason, because of the external environment mature, consumption habits have developed, the market scale is huge, so entrepreneurs to crazy, investors chasing, is understandable. Driving, housekeeping, washing the car, room… Can think of almost all industries, are being “O”, some say, O2O, O you younger sister?

the door O2O G point in where? Mention O2O, it seems that everyone will think of nail art, there is no denying the fact that nail is the beginning of the early O, Shouting out loud, to the industry made a good start, especially in the project running soon valuation of beavers 1 billion, is to let people O stunned, true or not, packaging, regardless of what to do in the future, at least made a good start, but E generation drive is real made a success of O2O model, traditional stores not in front of the O type management, from the teacher happy freedom, customer experience fast at a lower price, 20% commission of the profit way… O type has fully verified the success of the business model and power.

housekeeping, room, car wash, cook the door… Which industry is O2O G point? The function of the g-spot is can quickly achieve high even insanity.

home economics, market scale is huge, but the employees quality is uneven, let alone the understanding of O2O, is the use of smartphones,, all is not very big, many elder sister are at home just after collect wheat for housekeeping, the standardization of service process is very difficult to (still needs time to perfect); Room playing hot now, the size of the market need not elaborate, offline process is relatively simple, easy to realize standardization, offline model is too simple can reduce threshold and more about less than industry barriers, you do what I can do, the spell is a signing entity shop number and subsidies, will certainly is a piece of the red sea.

washing the car, assets is too heavy, on the other hand, the order is not stable, are greatly influenced by the weather, cloudy day? In summer, sometimes it rains just ten days half a month in a row, at that time, the teacher do? Hairdressing inside the main customers are women, the profit is dyeing, perm, etc., but when the door implementation of this project heavy equipment? Crop of hair, liquid medicine will drop to the floor, ceramic tile, careless slightly cleaning up, too, seems to be a big workload (are good business, but are not standardized, the market has only to see gold). Said so many not to say that these items can not be O, but I can’t determined before or suggest startups don’t choose, at the same time, this also not O2O g-spot.

so why I said the door of claims the melon O2O G point in the field of foot massage the door?

a, because the door the foot size, according to wash feet two celebrities “is the most beautiful younger sister”, 15 million, light pedicures that don’t include Chinese massage, so the number of practitioners, the size of the market, no doubt;

2: the door pedicure and has been quite successful operations of E generation of driving mode, focusing on human services output, equipment is easy to be standardized and easy to carry; The foot massage teacher quality is relatively good, most of them have online shopping experience, evaluate fairly value to the customer, service experience, easy to standardize the service.

he founded the door to help now, from door to door pedicure cuts has been running for several months, the market feedback exceeded expectations, teacher often enough, processes and training system has been set up, also have figured out a promotion way is feasible and effective method, hope to help find the O2O g-spot, we a piece to the climax of O2O door industry.