“The door O2O tried their nursing”, let you can in the belongings king!

cloud network hunting note: how many years ago is still a popular “a scholar need not leave his home to know what’s going on in the world”, and now has already implemented never leave home can enjoy family gatherings, such as door-to-door service, clothes dry cleaning when you want to have. And this have to thank those who provide “soft touch” class service startup. Today, let us close to the “king” of the day, feel the housebound pleasure together.

“soft touch” class service startup let us become very lazy. Today, unless you really want to leave home, otherwise, there is no reason to leave home. We have listed some can let you don’t have to leave the house can enjoy the benefits of the king “soft touch” service.

let’s suppose that one day you decide to skip class. At the same time you also want to eat breakfast. Could be within one hour Postmates bring you any you can think of a restaurant for breakfast.


when you’re waiting for breakfast, you can make an appointment to Unwind Me clockwork SMS spa. They will provide you with private door-to-door service.

Unwind Me

the housework have no meaning? Actually don’t have to go out now for laundry and dry cleaners. Can you make the Washio take away your dirty clothes, the second day back to the fresh clean clothes.


if you have children but don’t want to deal with them the tense time schedule. Shuddle can provide you with a professional nanny for you look after your children.


Shortcut, like the barber industry “Uber”, can provide professional hairdresser door-to-door service for you.


you may suddenly want to in the home to hold a family party to invite all your friends. And the Minibar can in under an hour for you to send any alcoholic drinks beer, wine, and.


the party you may need to clean the house. Homejoy can provide you with professional personnel to handle the job, and you just sit there stretching his legs to relax.


if you are in California, Eaze medical marijuana can be directly to your door.


Worthee can hold people for you to take care of your dog, no matter it is want to take a walk, exercise or want to be loved, it’s up to you.


if there is no staff will make you feel uncomfortable, so can a Bannerman send security guards to escort you home or go to a private party.


if you want to go somewhere, UberLux security service also can in any way to you.