The door massage O2O to netease, hangzhou “the ground” Internet companies


hangzhou is the hardest thing to see netease entrepreneurs, it happened that the family is, why did the massage industry .

investors see a word we always ask, why not the tone of the Internet, your office decorate too simple, when you really have 10 million? And you, what is the CEO and founder and director of product? We are in an interview, netease is out of the stronger rubbed his red eyes tell hunting cloud network, our investment is 10 million, and is a one time to the account. I am a man who spent money to dig, but the blade on the alcohol. I am the founder, but our CEO is Xu Xiaofu, I hung, founder of the title, but I prefer to do a product director .

last year, the door massage service to lift a thunder. 3 no fewer than 30 competitors, 3.10 this year launched pushing bear, and as the door massage enterprises in hangzhou with small red flag, don’t have a subway advertising, don’t do the lift frame, booked ah fu group 10 million RMB. Now, order quantity to two hundred, the average technician 5 to 6 every day.

but now the market status, not pushing bears a door to door massage company, hangzhou and hangzhou local massage of the lion. It also does not contain the cut to Shanghai from Beijing to other massage players involved in hangzhou.

so, hangzhou netease is pushing the works of the bear, what are the different place.

put on high service and word of mouth, the ground of promotion is to heavily subsidised incentive

about pushing the bear’s corporate advertising, how to say, the more we tend to spend more money in the technician now incentive ways, can say are higher than their peers. Not all teachers can be thinking, guided by the Internet service can be the Internet, the Internet is difficult, but thinking they want to see the work real can earn money, technicians in the offline promotion a user can also receive cash, they have high enthusiasm. Actually by rewards, promotion and technicians do good service experience is pushing the bear’s finest clothes.

every technician is the CEO of our company, we are their logistics nanny

“every a technician is a CEO,” ho strong smile said, pushing the bear the company has a unique “CEO and technician switch roles” cultural atmosphere. Most say ordinary employees.

what tell hunting cloud network, the more “pushing the bear’s technician personnel turnover rate is very low, is not something we want to flaunt, but true there is something that we can say, indeed because each technician have signed a contract agreement, eat living subsidies, transportation subsidies, as well as higher guaranteed salary. Weekly enjoy meeting, free offline team building, and the corresponding mechanism, punish technician team leader and technician the option incentive system of a company.”

the existing team technician about 60, on-line technicians 30, part-time and full-time ratio is about 1:2. Each online technician will through six days of training. Service details and the specification of small details to carry out the words to knock, operation training, etc. When necessary, also in hiring psychological counseling for the master technician to complete offline to online service transformation thinking from the Internet.

we ground, “don’t play capital, step by step to do”

“don’t play capital, step by step to do,” ho said, “the detailed rules, save operating costs. Will invest in advertising money return to technicians, we should try to be a technician is a sales.” Early big incentives, as well as regional pilot experience in hangzhou, 2 b and 2 c are doing. Temporarily don’t go to Beijing, the match is too much, it is not necessary to jostle for early.

how stronger tell hunting cloud network, pushing the bear recently on service reputation at the same time, began to expand the category. At this stage will massage extends to pilot the foot, the new APP and micro letter page in recent days the new online, mode and the interface will have greater innovation.

the core of the team, most are from netease, head of hangzhou netease is too comfortable, welfare is too good, in addition to the game department, we are too at leisure, I do come out with entrepreneurship . Do several projects, devoted to devoted to come out of time to do a similar social products, also with other several projects, pushing the bear of the existing advantage is that these teams friends, ah fu group and our investors.

“I hope we can win in mid-may hangzhou is expected to market”,, “said any more hope to perform in the process of a complete set of relatively mature, foreign replication and geographic expansion of an enterprise. Will push the bear’s tentacles from hangzhou market extends to the coastal zone, next to a large city as Shanghai enterprise’s “.

the way interviews, pushing the bear a male technician ready to go out. Business executives told him, your gear, lee. Maybe it’s just a fake, but perhaps this is also a kind of respect.