The dog left, goal oriented strategy, punching, supervision subject community

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in order to solve the no goal, no direction, a goal is difficult to adhere to the implementation of problems, made a dog left goal oriented strategy, punching, supervision and theme of the community. When users have a goal to achieve, the dog left will provide full service from beginning to end.

the dog left Zhong Yue founder, was born in 92, was in college, have seen too many of the same age, want to realize her well, but the lack of a good guide, environment, often fall by the wayside, every day to live in regret. She and I have similar experience. Such as ielts, want to self-study, multiple aimlessly on the Internet looking for strategy and scheme, chaotic, inefficient, often experience found in the search for the suitable strategy, rather than a true review test.

she later found that if strategy can be well organize, routing, let the students be clear at a glance, independent choice, directly participate in, this will be a good experience.

in the crowd, there are a lot of set goals but not to stick to target groups, such as preparing for the exam by taking part in all kinds of students, such as hope through sports and fitness of young people let oneself become more perfect, for example, want to develop a good early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy life of people. Aimed at the dog left pain points to help the user to select and supervise the complete the life that you want to track.

in use, the dog left thinking mainly as follows:

1. Rich strategy community to help users solve the problem of have a goal, no method, strategy produced by every field talent; How can look at what others are doing and progress, followed do together.

2. Help the user to think seriously about, and clear objectives. The campaign launched after would come around the target.

3. The user can record on the platform and follow up the progress of each project.

4. On the platform users can communicate with people who do the same things, and focus on the other side of the project schedule. But you never know what is your goal, because scientific research show that don’t make your goals public will greatly increase the probability of goal.

5. Each user is assigned a professional supervisors, for the user to perform supervise and guide the process of the project.

6. Web site has a set of integral mechanism, high score users will unconditionally won the prize.

now also a lot of similar products, represented by seeds used to clock in application, mainly provide user record every simple habit; Mainly target share oath friend application, mainly let the user write their good wishes, and does not provide a specific plan and incentive mechanism; Predominantly record to-do Any. Do such an essentially just as a trivial or each a one-off event record tool, and tend to rely on to achieve the goal of complete has repeated the nature of the event.

it’s different, on the one hand, the dog left provide specific solutions to users; On the other hand, in view of the poor can power, their user inertia, the dog left supervision mechanism, and provide users with someone habit, supervised the user will track. Yale university has shown that there are someone to supervise, 6 times will improve executive force.

at present, a lot of the product of the Internet is to cater to the weakness of human nature, so development easier. To the user’s journey is often more negative effects. Zhong Yue tell cloud network, hunting dog left to hope is to be a help users grow products, to overcome human weakness.

products currently web side just online, AnZhuoDuan soon “. But products are not mature enough, still need to multiple iterations, the project is currently in xiamen baidu hatch center.

because or incubation period, Zhong Yue hunting cloud network to that dog with the ultimate goal to complete oriented, meet the higher level of demand for humans too, so in early may need to put more energy on the operation and guidance, can rely on its own was the spread of the virus type effect. After being mature community mode, will try to translate into some better life commodity flash sales platform, with self improvement as the theme of the electric business platform.

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