The doctor in the box: this device let QiaoBing you give yourself

do you often encountered this kind of circumstance: cough for a long period of time or the body appeared some unusual symptoms, but has been reluctant to go to a hospital looking, even half a day is not willing to come out.

Teague conceptual design company for a very attractive solution: the doctor in the box. Now, this set of equipment in the convenience stores have sales and walgreens pharmacy. As long as it home, you can enjoy professional home services.

this set of equipment includes two parts: one is like intelligent stethoscope, it can hear the status of the heart or lungs, will also be able to use fiber optic lighting spot content on the ear, can also be high-definition exposure traces on the surface of the skin. The other part is a similar to Microsoft’s device, can stick on the mirror’s telephone communication camera, it not only can send your video to your doctor, can also track your physical condition, heart rate, body temperature, and so on. And because it is itself a miniature integrated projector, it will be projected image to your or your mirror.

“we are trying to to reduce The traditional medical tools handheld version,” Teague hardware lab The Kitchen leadership Matt Schoenholz said. The team’s work theory is: today, the majority of doctors restless between families, and work are is the most basic test class. And this equipment can solve this problem, based medical patients can do it at home, the emergence of a doctor is to to confirm the information, or as a daily routine, wait to have a certain accumulation can be directly to the doctor, it will be a lot of convenient?

“such physical examination, the doctor only takes 15 minutes to get to know you two years. He doesn’t know the specific process, but to know about the development of the situation, “said Schoenholz. “If you can see these from the image perspective, so this method is more useful?”

of course, big data not solve simple problem still exists. You know, most of the time, without the help of a certain professional level, people still can’t find what is the position of the stethoscope should be placed in the chest. So, the camera device will project the guide to the patient’s body, let them know the correct position need a medical.

the creative director Roger Jackson explained: “in order to find the right place, doctors often said,” on the left, right, top, down a little bit “, and the device will be much more easy and convenient, it will first draw a circle in the chest, and when you are in the circle to find the right place, it becomes green.” With regard to the function of the other, we again speaking otoscope. In fact, doctors often put this stuff into your check whether your ear infections. In this device, otoscope become bigger and more soft, just to make sure that even if the children can safely use it very much.

maybe you can’t imagine in telecommunications in our daily life health care, however, Teague convenient device for them to take brainstorming killer case: travel. Schoenholz and explained: “let us imagine the next weeks of family travel to Europe, they don’t have to think about health care in Europe, don’t worry about the literature on the network, because they are still with their own domestic doctor maintained close ties.”

about the feasibility of it is probably the most interesting point in the concept of Teague. Designers think they can be created in a short period of time is the device that does not need to be 5 years or 10 years so long time.

Schoenholz said: “we can create some really such a thing. If we are interested in something, then we can create useful prototype first, and then test in collaboration with the school. Want to know, now the world no technique is not exist.”

so question: are you interested in?

Source: Co. DESIGN