The dispute of augmented reality: Magic Leap vs HoloLens

cloud network hunting note: Magic Leap and HoloLens augmented reality of its own equipment, and try to make it more portable and commercialization. MIT Technology Review reporter Rachel Metz combined with their actual trial experience we appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of two new products together, and discusses the current situation and future of the augmented reality.

in the trial Magic Leap after two product and HoloLens, MIT Technology Review reporter Rachel Metz had to sigh with emotion augmented reality on the way of commercialization is still a long way to go.

augmented reality there is no doubt that work can make communication easier, also will let the video game more interesting.

HoloLens mock-up shows how to use it for home repair work to help others.

Metz took two paragraphs and the seamless connection to the real world of sensory feast, she said the two products are its people, but also can not help worrying augmented reality can have a place in the business competition.

Metz is perhaps the only a trial at the same time the Microsoft HoloLens and the mysterious startup Magic Leap products.

last December, Magic Leap had to show their own research and development of the same name augmented reality. In the demonstration, the experience will see great details, size, 3 d monster, and the robot in the real world around. But all of the implementation of the need to rely on wearing a display and a hunk of hardware devices, and we also do not know when the mysterious startups will introduce related products.

HoloLens vs. Magic Leap

recently, Microsoft is also in the midst of the company headquarters in Redmond, Washington, to show their own HoloLens. In a strict sense, HoloLens is a hologram system, put on the ski mirror wearing display, the user can see the virtual image appears on the display screen. In January, Microsoft said HoloLens will appear in 10 times “Windows”, and at the end of march, said the new operating system will be in an interview this summer.

Metz on Hololens experience three times. First is HoloStudio, fully feel the 3 d modeling and control ability. A second is very interesting, Metz in a realistic lead on NASA scientists explored the Martian surface. Third experience in Metz using HoloLens Skype video session to solve the problems of everyday life (for Metz, this problem is “install lighting switch”).

Metz said, before she, also try to experience other three-dimensional virtual reality 3 d technology, such as the Oculus Rift, by contrast, the advantages of HoloLens is that it does not make people dizzy nausea symptoms. Microsoft declined to give more details, but, according to a report in the media after they appear to be taken with Magic Leap similar way, also is to use the mini projector project images directly to a user’s glasses, look the picture and the real world more take tone.

the graph HoloLens final shape

but Metz doesn’t seem to be convinced by the trial effect in Washington, dc. Indeed, she says, the hologram, in some cases, the effect is quite good, exploring the experience of reconstruction of Mars surface, she’s really more vividly on the Mars exploration rover “curiosity”, to spy out every piece of rock below the secret. But more often, HoloLens rendered image is always more transparent, sharpness is not like Magic Leap. Not only that, HoloLens vision is narrow, which means that often a carelessly a sneak peek at the real world. Put on the headphones of the head seems to be not very to force, is not completely isolated and enhance the real world, always let a person notice “strengthened” of the world. So as a result, when look at a little distance of 3 d images, is no problem, such as at the time of the first experience Metz can place oneself from different point of view in front of underwater scenes. But, once on expanding our scope of vision image, image will be damaged very bad.

HoloLens development is still in progress. Different from Microsoft in January in conference presentation, the device is the sense that gives a person is very heavy and rough, it transparent eyepiece connection with big and heavy airframe and plastic head band, and a rectangular box (hologram processing unit). The whole process of the user can only touch located above the head of a plastic strapping. Experience of process, the staff would give I wear before every experience, at the end of the experience. Although it sounds HoloLens is not convenient, but better than Magic Leap or better. Anyway, obviously, Microsoft’s team on the issue of improve equipment portability is still a long way to go.

in the process of experience on Mars, Metz said she felt real myself in the planet, she can see her every detail of the rover. Metz said, however, all the images based on rectangular unit, if the eyes accidentally saw a rectangular outside, real everything will be greeted in the room, can’t see the hologram.

there is the picture of opacity. The experience of all process is carried out in a room without Windows, but keep indoor brightness, put in the room with furniture, small ornament and other items, looks like we actually home sitting room is similar, this shows that in fact you can be in daily life using HoloLens, do not need to choose to find a suitable environment. But, have to mention is that through the HoloLens see images always seem to be real world existing items.

Microsoft the device of the deepest impression is sensor tracking ability. During operation, the user’s attention is the mouse, regardless of where to look, the device can accurately track. HoloLens for gesture tracking ability of the same class, you can wave index finger up and down in the air, as the mouse click operation. In addition, the “copy” and “rotation” and so on some simple voice command recognition is also very well.

meanwhile, HoloLens also can well control the virtual image positioning. Metz, in her and Microsoft employees who use the facilities of Skype video calls, the other party in order to explain how to connect to the light switch is draw a simple diagram will be suspended in the electric box on the wall, and even physical movement, video chat window has remained in the field of vision. It seems that in the future through video call must not be difficult to fix the air conditioning.

HoloLens and Magic Leap is one of the most critical difference between the former allows the user to manipulate 3 d objects. For example, if you see a X aircraft, it is very close to you, although details is not perfect, but you can still 3 d to manipulate it, feeling quite belt. Through the use of eye contact, gesture and voice commands, the user can enlarge the object, such as copy, dyeing or move operation. Metz said the experience in the process, she is sitting between two HoloLens staff, they mixed together in the reality, she can move the goods according to your needs. Although the technology is still not very mature, but Microsoft has been trying to HoloLens into a wearable portable devices. Even so, this does not mean that the augmented reality device has a large customer base. To achieve the commercialization of the augmented reality equipment, HoloLens, Magic Leap and other industry companies still have much to do.

augmented reality can become a reality?

at the moment, we also obviously difficult to compare HoloLens and Magic Leap, and the judge who is more outstanding. Metz said, want to create real augmented reality for practical consumer products experience, these companies are faced with great challenge. Want to take such a such a large amount of information, construct such a complex equipment make it can be portable, that’s a huge task, is also a great challenge, now the sharpness of the images is still a problem, and not want to make it portable devices, besides, even if be portable devices, is a problem how to charge again. So, augmented reality can walk how far, whether can apply to our real life, we don’t know. In the end, if it didn’t let you tempted in form, function and practical enough, why should you buy it? You said right?