The device makes your iPhone and the storage space and life are doubled

if you have the latest run iOS8 devices, but you find still will soon run out of power and storage space, don’t worry, Mophie has been for you to come up with a solution. The apple certification accessories manufacturer recently released its latest Space Pack series products, it can do for your iPhone 6, 6 Plus the iPhone, as well as the mini to provide additional power support. At the same time, the improvement of new products also can provide your iOS device with up to a maximum of 128 gb of storage space. The new charge back clip for iPhone 6 and the mini double power support, but for the iPhone Plus, only 50% of the electricity supply.

Mophie last year was the first time for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 s developed Space Pack series products, this year the new charging back clip is still using the same as the previous designs. As long as the plug into the Lighting flash interface, this massive back clip can be fully wrapped in your mobile phone, at the same time through the port provide additional space for your mobile phone support and power support. “Mute” “lock screen” button “volume” have been well reserved on the shell, of course, such a heavily armed design also provide friction and broken screen protection for your mobile phone. After it starts to work, Space Pack will be a moment to provide power for your mobile phone, until it is depleted, and then the phone’s built-in battery.

although Mophie design charging back clip is easy to accept, but the latest Space Pack is more like a hybrid. Last year, the guardian has pointed out that Mophie design of storage expansion is really good in theory, but in practice, to manage the files is not so simple, this is largely because the seal of the iOS. For example, you can use the Mophie development play mobile phones and Space of the application of the music on the Pack, but you can’t use mobile music application management Space music on the Pack.

Mophie are also trying to upgrade its Space application, in order to better manage the file (including a allows the user to use of computers and mobile phones in the same wireless network environment to access the new functions of the mobile phone files). However as a company (the original streaming music service platform) and VSCO Cam (photo editing software) the application of such target content will not be able to make the most of the extra room.

of course, there are some other options. Except for the iPhone and the design of customized protective shell, the Mophie also launched a new Spacestation. This is a similar to mobile power products, it also built-in additional lithium-ion batteries (for the mini complete charging time, charging for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus a complete two or three times) and storage space, can provide the highest 128 gb of storage space. Users can plug in their mobile device to recharge it, besides using Mophie desktop or web application will own files from Spacestation download to their own devices. For those who don’t want a bulky protective shell, but to his office one more mobile power supply, Spacestation can yet be regarded as a good choice.

at present, the mini version price (32 gb) from $199.95 to $199.95 (128 gb), the iPhone 6 and Plus version (32 gb) from $149.95 to $299.95 (128 gb).