The Dash for Radio audience with a digital Radio new play

The rise of streaming music did not kill the traditional radio. On the contrary, the traditional radio industry is still prosperous: 91% of americans still listen to very old AM/FM radio. In front of the data are so attractive, Dash Radio in nature has its significance. The Dash Radio, an online Radio service, hope to take the traditional Radio listeners into a digital age. The Dash Radio during beta has won 1 million audience proud record, seems to be a bright future.

“when a variety of streaming media platform, such as services, and the recent Tidal and Beats between battle continuously, people seem to have already left the traditional Radio in the brain,” Dash Radio gini founder and chief executive, Scott said. Better known gini has another name, “DJ Skee”. In the field of music, he is a respected pop music show host, host some radios for a long time, including LA ‘s KISS – FM and Sirius XM. Dash Radio based algorithms and Pandora music box is different, also don’t live for Radio show, for example, iHeartRadio. The Dash Radio DJS invitation personally masterminding the more than 60 stations. It has no advertising and subscriptions, Dash Radio intends to create a better online Radio.

without advertising, quietly met the most beautiful music

in private after 1 year, the company officially released last week, the iOS and Android version of the application. Dash Radio is convinced that the Radio has been a good place for people to discover new music, and there is also a competitive relationship between today’s streaming service, both can coexist. “Is not our intention, and streaming media service competition” gini said, “people meet wonderful music by listening to the radio, if people like a song, from hear on the radio before they can then buy on Vinyl, or buy a tape, CD, MPS, and now they can find that song on the streaming media service. Although age in change, but the radio has been people find good music hall of gold.”

the Dash Radio station on the strong, has a history of knoop doug (Snoop Dogg), Old Future, these artists have XXL, DJs, record companies and brand publishers. Similar to the operation mode of traditional Radio DJs, Dash the Radio host on the Radio are free to choose, they want to play songs. When the radio host, not online, the system will play songs chosen by the host before, until they are back online.

whenever you listen to the Dash Radio, you will not hear hate ads. First of all thanks to the company in the seed round 2 million financial funds. Another reason is that the gini think these annoying little practical effect. “Now, few would believe that traditional advertising. We agree on a radio show has no advertising slots for 30 seconds. Statistics show that most audience choose directly turn off or change channels.” In fact, the company plans to make radio host to read these ads, like those you hear in the podcast, brands and to be allowed in the limited radio to promote their products. So far with EA Sports FIFA (electronic game publisher), grammy award related radio show, and the Entourage film soon.

apple push heavy iTunes Radio, Dash in Radio the enemy

the Dash Radio has many advantages worth attention. Free, no ads – unlike Pandora music box or iHeartRadio, any song may be in the Dash – and Pandora Radio broadcast music really only included the 1 million songs on the box. If you don’t like play list this set, you can try the Dash Radio. History of knoop doug joined is a big plus. But the Dash Radio one of the biggest problems facing the pressure of competition from apple’s forthcoming service delivery. Apple has reportedly invited drake and can act as the artist ACTS as a Radio host, plans to launch the iTunes Radio, is likely to suppress a Dash of Radio.

there is also a chief executive before meet apple rival circumstance. Before the apple into their markets, the chief executive is positive, think apple is the company decision to them. Gini is no exception. He said, “it is a good thing. Our ideas and development direction are correct. Apples are online radio field makes us feel very gratified.” Gini and immediately pointed out, however, the Dash Radio just do one thing, and do well. “We are very clear about our position; We are not going to Dash to try a variety of different services on Radio. We won’t to sell music audience, we would not be record company. We can only hope for the audience to provide the best in the world broadcast content.”


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