The clouds from the BAT’s team, with the subversion of traditional SP industry ideal, short message service platform

(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

it is often said that the devil, was destroyed in the nest, seemingly insignificant things can be intrusive, no also can accomplish best, this is the belief network CEO da-lin liu clouds, the breakthrough point of the team to create network clouds are seemingly small text message service, but the industry’s pain points are too numerous to list: in terms of service, short message service involves the basis of the channel is still a lot of, industry upstream and downstream information asymmetry, the traditional text supplier service attitude is poor, such as registration service, the service level the good and bad are intermingled, in terms of product, short is not stable, arrival rate is low, the stability of the short message service and security has been not perfect security service order and chaos. SMS services on the market, in addition to professional level agents and there are many not second-hand or N hand agents by the spectral classes.

network clouds main members of the team are from large Internet companies such as tencent, baidu, ali, to a certain foundation in the Internet industry experience and has the very good research and development ability, da-lin liu said that the team is flattening management, from 4 individual team development to more than 20 people, can together is blunt simple goal and ultimate pursuit and adhering to the values of the Internet, the team is a steadfast attitude, the pursuit of product perfection. I hope you can use the Internet technology and products of thinking to change or even overthrow the traditional SP industry, dedicated to enterprises and users to better communication.

in general, use network clouds of message service process is the first online and complete the user registration to 10 seconds; Can be tested SMS after registering successfully, 30 minutes after the start access to use. Yet seemingly easy process details, da-lin liu told hunting cloud network: “we integrated all the processes of the SMS the basic services, where possible bug we have zero tolerance, the success rate reached more than 98%, the platform supports a variety of programming languages, and made a lot of work on safety such as restricting IP anomaly calls, monitoring, etc., and receive the message from the trigger to end users full process control to 10 seconds.”

da-lin liu told hunting cloud network, network clouds has now service companies, products are mainly characterized by simple, acme, fast. SMS network clouds using standardized Restful interface, for every the use of API provides clear documentation and have a good error, reduce the error probability; Network clouds have online payment and invoice application process. “Extreme” performance in the SMS interface is strong, batch submission, SMS status report, uplink history, history, templates, three nets can be implemented, such as sending, and for the blacklist filter, repeat send, IP white list and abnormal monitoring is a cinch. “Fast” embodied in the access speed, SMS seconds seconds to, state real-time push. Da-lin liu said they believed that “the world martial arts, only not broken!” , clouds from online to now, the product is several times change, from sales to product and technology, network clouds team now is 7 * 24 hours online to solve customer problems, we use a good product manager in mind doing products and services.

the SMS service industry competition is fierce, in addition to beauty, monternet portal, countries, cloud of shenzhen, in addition to the short message service is well in corporate communications development; Anhui strange messages, also in the development of marketing message platform; Beijing flying pigeon signalling, focusing on the SMS marketing platform. Da-lin liu told hunting cloud network: “although there are many competitors, but because of traditional text company most predominantly marketing messages, so they don’t value for stability, timeliness, etc. Most of the customers is the Internet company, clouds usage scenario is registered validation, etc., we are a technology driven company, demanding market segmentation is the short messaging service “.

for SMS service is the most difficult is to realize the real-time switch, automatic switch, short network clouds have been implemented recently, is currently expanding international SMS and voice messages.