The cloud to open platform mode remodeling scene connection with people

“Internet + + is not a traditional industry, but the scene. Future mobile networking technology architecture, not the PC era of human-computer interaction, the domain name is a human operating experience, the website should be eliminated by decomposition, people need more is based on the scenario more timely and more accurate way of connection. From the center of the traditional Internet age, to think people center era of the scene.”

today, mobile Internet application scenario & amp; LiveApp inventor, shenzhen cloud to network launched a mobile terminal product “scenarios show” free, free of charge and the PC enterprise edition 2.0 “” application scenario. Cloud TO application scenario has only meet the needs in the enterprise market, the introduction of new products TO develop greater TO C market.

scenarios Show product idea is “All Business is Show Business.” the nature of the mobile Internet is the successful release and aggregation of the power of each person, the scene Show to make every product can speak for themselves, let everybody can at any time, anywhere the creation of their own application scenario, a good Show the value of their products and services. From 0 to 200000 business users, with just nine months.

it is understood that after the PC application scenario pro is charge, users, including Google, amazon, sina, baidu, tencent, ali, Letv, Vipshop, haier, mengniu, Forbes, etc. Cloud in the global mobile Internet conference online application scenario 2.0, in addition to more powerful scene engine, also announced the open and free.

“future search logic must be not only the centralized fuzzy search baidu, ali, but based on the scenario, and the way to the center of the information retrieval and experience.” ChenPengFei said, reconstructing enterprise business connection with people, this is a huge change, also the traditional enterprise business mobile tremendous opportunity, we need more innovation power.

in order to provide more professional service to the user, the cloud to released the cloud create the guest platform, namely the cloud to scene engine technology and platform customers are open, open technology API interface to third-party developers, as domestic millet investment egrets in the field of game engine, at the same time. Open customers to a third party designers, planners, let scenario planning designers and precise enterprise customers to achieve optimum resources allocation.

the core of the cloud to to provide customers with not only the scene application platform, and from the show, payment, service, promote to the depth data analysis and the user complete closed-loop business mobile asset management solution. But all these companies can be made one by one small and directly connected to the user to create a beautiful scene. In addition, application scenarios except WeChat, baidu, weibo, UC entrance through mainstream users, launched in March WeChat shake iBeacon + + apple cloud to scene offline O2O scene application solutions, also get traditional chain fast identification, ordinary business conversion marketing activities more than two times.

qr code graphics, image recognition, speech recognition, TV box, NFC, is the entry of the application scenario, not only a social network connection. At the same time, LiveApp& Facebook application scenario is abroad, Line, Twitter, Google some mainstream entrance to get through, actively preparing for overseas markets.

for the connecting way of application scenarios, vice President of the school of business, the innovation research center director professor Liao Jianwen think, in the era of information asymmetry, the channels of distribution business model, will be in the era of mobile Internet information is more and more symmetrical rapidly being challenged. Scene era enterprises need to be rebuilt between people, people and the relationship between the enterprises. Need through the mobile Internet innovation technology, improve business efficiency, innovative business model, all this will change because of the change of information technology.

the cloud to focus on technical innovation and commercial application of the mobile Internet, to become the world’s leading mobile application platform. Their team thought that light was not invented by Edison, nor watt invented the steam engine, computer image interface is not invented by Steve jobs, but people remember him, because they have a common characteristic, is to make the new technology is applied to more and more people can benefit from.

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