The bride said: bride-to-be SNS + raise steward O2O marriage

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

share raise wedding the bride is a community, women of pre-marital social platform to focus on. The current version of the IOS APP has been launched, the service includes the following two aspects: first is social platform, the bride said the user location shall prevail the bride, the would-be bride by sun, ask, about, chat and share to raise the wedding experience; Stewards followed by raising the wedding, the bride said moving large marriage market information onto the APP, users can get about raising the wedding the bride said merchants, preferential, activity information.

about the bride said the creation of COO Xu Rong from the Angle of butler raise such analysis: the vast majority of women are married for the first time experience (0), but sensible start has been yearning for their life expectation (high), but to get married this matter fairly complicated things need to understand the many (project), at the same time need to spend a lot of expenses on marriage this thing, first-tier cities every time married to spend an average of 350000 RMB (high cost). Founder and CEO Zhang Yuan to hunt cloud network said: when doing the female industry App we found very interesting women App, for a student or just enter society the crowd a lot of social software (such as devoted to stranger, met, durian, etc.), gave birth to the baby’s mother for this group of social software is very much also baby (such as tree, hot mom help). For vision of marriage, ready to raise the wedding, is married, just married, raise the importance of such a life transition period, our female users can talk but can’t find a group of people. This is our bride said cut into the market at present.

compared with similar products on the market, the bride said to the competitiveness of the hunting cloud network has made the concrete analysis: at present, cut into the marriage market products including network, China’s marriage to channel xi, the public comments on marriage, wedding ji, easy netting, first of all, from the category, the bride said to SNS + O2O, is different from the pure exhibition, O2O and electricity business class service; Second, the bride said communication mode to “+ bride and the groom and the bride merchants”, this is different in communication at the fair bride, bride and telephone communication, and the bride communication with merchants; Content and consultation on the push of the platform, the bride said has its own creative template and precision bride users against the push, it compared to no push or conventional rigid graphic consultants push, push and telephone makes users and the bride say maintained higher intimacy, on the contents of business information, for example, the bride said focused more on the content of the show users want. Through the market survey, we know that users expect access to information is contact merchants, the merchants product sales, preferential activities.

Zhang Yuan on profit model has its own considerations, he said to the hunting cloud network are more let the bride at this stage we use the bride said App, isn’t ready to rapid commercialization. The whole wedding industry consumed 1 years from 800 billion in 2014, 10-15% is promotion cost, but the common platform promotion is not accurate, we know more about our bride, so show business information to the UGC, that is to say, the pursuit of the bride to the original evaluation of the merchant. In the future, on the basis of the main social platforms, said the bride will be opened to raise the wedding housekeeper API, through the social, the bride said depth understanding of users, again through the large data, let merchants accurate docking.

based on the status quo of the bride said, Zhang Yuan think: from the point of user feedback, the bride is covering the whole country, so we hope to have capital into fast, can make us quickly across the country merchants, give new people a better experience. Girls become the bride is the birth of a new family. When two young men to build his own family, will be associated with various needs, covering the whole of the wedding industry chain. Said at present, we have done a bride was around the five words “let’s raise the wedding”, in the future, will be around the “new people new life” five words, docking will be a new life, new business models will revolve around the couple’s demand, the decoration, furniture, automobile, tourism, housekeeping, pregnancy, and so on.

the bride said the team has a depth of Internet gene and marriage market experience: CEO Zhang Yuan founded software company in 2010, focused on user behavior analysis, e-commerce and mobile Internet women industry. Solution to run on many women industry listed companies (for example: PIGEON, bo shi wa BOSHIWA). COO Xu Rong: original BOSHIWA BOSHIWA electric operating officer. Focus on vertical mobile community women and e-commerce user operation. CMO, Chen xia for the national women’s model, model workers in Shanghai. In the wedding industry for more than ten years, has a unique insights on the wedding industry.

in terms of finance, the bride said the team was positive in the coming negotiation.