The beautiful: bearing designers focused on solving the problem of personal image

(text/Tan Ziling)

the beauty is the life of a designer primarily service O2O platform, positioning in the high-end users to focus on solving the problem of personal image. Docking platform as well as the professional beauty industry designer (hair stylist, makeup artist, manicurist, colorist, beautician) relating to the personal image design and technical personnel and entities such as salon services.

the beauty network technology was established in March 2014, the same year in July received YBC international youth organizations support object. Company founder zhang 04 years stepped into the hairdressing industry, at the Shanghai international brand college majoring in the professional hair design, from 2012 to 2014 at Shanghai heng bo long company in southwest area sales manager. Co-founder tang min for national senior hairdresser, national senior makeup girl, a former sichuan “RongLe cup” contest makeup set of judges. At present, the team has three people.

when it comes to establish the original intention of beauty, zhang said he hoped to use the Internet technology to solve the problems existing in the hairdressing industry, enhance the social value of the whole industry. “This industry has a lot of particularity, hairdressing market growth rule is to hide, concept of beauty, beauty standards are also many things, in China, the designer’s cultural conservation, aesthetic sense of beauty, barriers to entry are very chaotic, designers in the social recognition is not high also, big department hairdresser has no base salary, job turnover is high”.

the beautiful APP into the side a and B and C, C side will mainly provide services, the design logic why is beauty, how beauty, where to go to the United States, plate mainly divides into the home page, fashionable and individual account, the classification of the home page is the project information and urban property, is also the designer and the retrieval of classification, online payment and booking information, fashion area mainly builds community BBS for consumer center, enhance the communication between the user and the designer, at the same time guide and popular fashion concept.

B side is mainly divided into two major parts, management and marketing, and management is based on information management, order management, project management, sales management, dynamic, customer information management and revenue management, with convenient and quick to help designers to generate service project information and service data; Marketing focuses on help designers to establish perfect and simple marketing plan, industry comparison of active reference each other, and professional learning system scheme.

China designers now a population of 40 million people, businesses in about 560 or so, offline consumption costs more than the trillion-dollar market every year. “I never worry about our industry market, who make it big, other don’t have to do, everyone’s positioning, customer demand is different”, said an.

hunting cloud network learned that all the beauty will go to the middle, and do not charge fees, but through some grading standards, and in implementation part of the profit, at the same time, through advertising and beauty makeup product sales to generate revenues.

zhang told hunting cloud network, and the beauty of the development of the first stage is mainly do the work of an information matching, solve the problem of information asymmetry, in the content (what is), tools (how), scene (where) to provide services; The second stage, the main focus on meet the personalized needs, to provide customized design services for special groups, the future will also do some beauty salon industry of financial services.

in addition, hunting cloud network learned that all the beautiful APP is developing, is expected to launch in August 2015. At present, the financing plan the launch of beauty.