The battle of the old testament: fruit type action mobile game


chengdu fireflies is a mobile phone network game development companies. Founded in early 2012, its products have a cell phone game the war of the old testament, “hunting magic man”.

the war of the old testament is set in the western mythology a diablo style ARPG mobile game. Fireflies CEO liu said, the war of the old testament from last September to begin testing, in private and testing during almost covers all the big channels, and in baidu, 91, 360 have been recommended home page, the cumulative downloads has amounted to hundreds of thousands. Officially open beta and promotion in June this year, impact on summer vacation.

the war of the old testament has two characteristics, the first is to use the Unity3D engine, it is widely used worldwide game development engine, more abroad is used by independent producers, home, almost all big companies have a Unity team. This engine effects, experience and physical feedback is pretty good. Liu said this is made of good tool to create good products.

the second feature of the war of the old testament is realized the innovation on game play, the game introduced the cut the fruit in the game “cross screen” gesture. And the similar game operating mode generally through the built-in remote control button to complete. Players in the skills interface choose slide after operation, when there is a monster decision within the scope of attack, attack will be automatically released and players to release skills by slide up and down around the screen.

“make an emphasis of the game, insisted that every project has a point is no others. Development at the time when this way no one else to do, several successful masterpiece later adopted this approach.”

root liu is introduced, the war of the old testament in the pay to test performance is also very good, “according to the traditional channels, is an a-class products, will tell from this year, reaching the standard is almost A paragraph or two.” According to the author, the current of each platform on-line process the same, should know before product launch under the platform of product ratings before and after the online data standards, determined by how online score before a product in a platform of online resources. The quality of online after the rating determines the on a platform, the prospect of a game while most platform declared for the judgement of a game won’t be in a test set for life, but in the current stage product, is often a product in a test set on a platform of how much any subsequent cooperation.

with the war of the old testament harvest high praise and the team strength, fireflies games as early as in 2013, has been successful to get the domestic well-known fund CA, loose and capital investment of 10 million yuan. Fireflies COO Xie Hualing said, “when the company demand for money is not very big, but the project is more attention, feel that the company has more potential. For the subsequent development of the company, and have better partners came in.”

fireflies company built only four people, passed from the original game mainly supported by outsourcing to their r&d, at present has developed to the scale of 40 people. A 28-year-old liu “feel haven’t graduate. Learning game design in his freshman year will go out to work, accumulate experience in various industries. Finally chose their own business, chengdu was chosen as mobile Internet, including mobile game industry, is booming in chengdu. Mobile game industry, chengdu has become a indispensable key cities, look north to connect. After passed through Shanghai, guangzhou, is itself a man liu finally chose to return to chengdu in sichuan province. Liu said on the company’s future development direction, will avoid copying, imitation, stick to their own advantage, hope to be able to have their own culture and innovation.

(the heart of the storm 2.0 upgrade version of the battle of the old testament)