The ass mother back to jinjiang international group strategic investment of $500 million

the ass mother parent JingYu HongQingHua internally today announced that the company chairman get jin jiang international strategic investment of $500 million.

in addition, it also revealed that in the next ten years, JingYu group will become a collection of resources control, channel and ground comprehensive service ability in the integration of O + O + O enterprise ecosystem. At present, JingYu group have donkey mother travel network, the planning and design, JingYu tourism marketing, tourism development and tent JingYu five business resort hotel.

the ass mother travel network was founded in 2008 as the angel investment. In September 2009, the ass mother complete tens of millions of yuan A round of funding. In November 2010, the ass mother get sequoia capital and CDH venture B round of the one hundred million yuan capital injection. In September 2011, the ass mother complete C round of financing, the investor for jiangnan with sequoia capital. In 2013 the ass mother received linear capital investment. , but did not disclose the specific investors.

the following email is the full text:

we? , with a commanding height down

all JingYu people, first of all I wish you all a happy children’s day! And tell everyone a good news – jinjiang international group and JingYu donkey mother formally signed the capital increase agreement, jinjiang group invested 500 million cut to JingYu new strategic investors, with strong capital and jinjiang group in domestic and international numerous resources accumulation, the marriage to become China’s most powerful booster JingYu group tourism O2O one-stop service enterprises. In my opinion, the news is a notification regarding the online capital and the depth of the resource integration, as well as we stand at a new high ground battle horn blow out.

in 2015, China’s tourism industry is larger than ever before the change, the more fierce. Our tourism enterprise management thinking, of course, great changes will happen, because there are two big trends behind pushing us forward: first, the public leisure era are in full tide; Second, the Internet + era. “Internet + Internet from consumption age of the Internet into the industrial age of the Internet, from 1.0 to 2.0 times. These two trends will bring two fundamental shift to our enterprises: first, tourism industry competition elements changed; Second, the tourism enterprise the growth model and the logic has changed.

in the era of Internet +, we clearly realize that all of the electronic commerce enterprise must return a full industry experience, simply spell platform, spell flow, spelling a channel capacity is absolutely cannot accomplish the real king! In the era of Internet +, it is the age of the Internet industry, competition is the value of innovation, product first, service to the king, the symbiotic economic, the core of the competition will return to the industrial chain of the core, in the field of tourism, this return is to return to the resources, channels, service of the whole industry chain collaboration, integration and competition ability. Over the past decade, JingYu group formed by online donkey mother and offline gen, JingYu brigade, JingYu marketing, tents guest hotel services O2O enterprise; Over the next decade, JingYu group will become a collection of resources control, channel and ground comprehensive service ability in the integration of O + O + O enterprise ecosystem. Jinjiang international group is took a fancy to JingYu team strong execution and the advantage in this aspect and quickly decided to invest in.

jinjiang international group is one of the largest comprehensive tourist enterprise group in China, the column “China 500 most valuable brands” list 40, investment and management of nearly 1689 hotels, top 10 global hotel group, the first in Asia. Across owns four listed company, its industry chain hotel, tourism, passenger transport logistics, real estate, industry, finance and other fields. Fellow when we are selecting Internet giant for the cooperation platform back against the flow of capital, we resolutely and jinjiang international group in hand, fully integrated into offline resources, mining, donkey mother to powerful ground resources with the aid of jinjiang group and the years of accumulation of capital operation ability, comprehensive constructing the system of land, sea and air three-dimensional operations, to our hearts the heights of a full attack.

JingYu each key stage of development, I will remind myself: “don’t forget the beginner’s mind” in this lifetime to do one of the world’s most respected travel operations group. Because our natural adhere to the dream, I and all our side response OTA din JingYu people competition, while calmly for online interactive industry layout. O2O until today, the tourism enterprise strategy of closed loop, we’re out of the very solid step. Today’s competition, is not only a platform, product, but also pattern, in my heart, the hustle and bustle of B2C fight on the battlefield but is JingYu a warm-up, taking tourism O2O highland, and on the high ground on JingYu banner can be enough to make our tempers.

the reason in the course of financing, we use the shortest time just won a large number of investment institutions, and quickly and jinjiang marriage, or because all the comrades JingYu colleagues over the past year have surrendered to the industry and capital market is extremely identity papers, our ability to high growth, we are more than the depth of the plate together show a strong operational capability, makes the investor confidence places domain in the future, in front of the answer again beyond expectations, investment people saw the defiant JingYu “run to lead” the inevitable.

JingYu 11 years since founded, concentrate our feelings is adhere to create value for users and build the most respected travel operations group determination. It is because the common values and dreams that JingYu didn’t show a randome invincible combat effectiveness, I sincerely look forward to JingYu chariots will, as always, adhere to our passion and dreams, as well as achievements JingYu also achievement of China’s most outstanding a batch of tourism.

the final again, I wish you all a happy children’s day! ZhuJingYu June 1 happy! Simple trust and silly insist, childlike innocence forever, embrace dreams, happy growth!

we? Together, running down a commanding heights!


On June 1,


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