Tesla: not carmakers, but battery enterprises

cloud network hunting note: pure electric vehicles famous American tesla, recently released new products again. However, the launch of the product is not electric cars, but called Powerwall household battery energy storage system. Tesla actually before this was to show that their future business is focused on the battery industry.

tesla made concept car (future) by the attention of the public, but it is not a car manufacturing company, but a battery manufacturing company, but happened to be seized with the idea of making electric cars and implemented.

at the very least, the recent news of the company’s development direction and path, tesla will in the near future to sell large Numbers of cells to some families and power utilities. Tesla’s chief executive, Mr Dragon. Musk (Elon Musk) in February last year’s earnings call mentioned in this scheme, and accurate information is by investors in a letter to confirm the released yesterday, the official announcement will begin next week.

to sell the batteries to family, commercial companies and electric power utilities and car company looks to the responsibility of the deviating. But for tesla, a move that is very meaningful, electric cars need to drive through the grid, it is very environmentally friendly. And if the tesla’s battery industry will spread to open, can help utilities to make better use of renewable resources, such as wind and solar power. With the increasing demand for renewable resources, whether because the injunction of the government’s consumer consumption desire, power companies are hoping to use the battery industry to help maintain their needs, and tesla just can satisfy very well.

all in all, if demand for automobile quantity is little, tesla will need to enter the new industries, and selling the battery of the move is likely to be its move into new areas.

renewable energy is intermittent, depends on the weather factors, such as wind size and clear, but the time does not always match supply and demand. And after improvement, the battery can help power companies to store energy from renewable energy and other resources to produce energy in order to solve this problem. And, to be sure, the door can store more through their own solar panel solar energy, to reduce the excessive dependence on the power, this phenomenon also welcome by the utility company.

Navigant Research before market analysts, Cygnus Energy Storage battery technology company founder Sam. Jeff said, tesla into the power of the public markets move isn’t surprising. Now there are dozens of similar company battery support for electric utilities. But he also said that tesla’s actions are the result of after market validation, the scale of operation will enable the tesla in future market occupies an important position.

Jeff said: “the power grid in the next 10 years will be relatively clean energy, at the same time maintenance cost is low also, and more credible, thanks to this energy storage technology.”

excess capacity

tesla was originally expected in the electric vehicle market share, but it is too small, the market will start on the battery, then the company will show battery manufacturing capacity in the near future a share of a company’s greatest assets. Last year, tesla announced that it will establish a named after Gigafactory, covers an area of million square meters of factory plan. Such a large production capacity will soon put into the battery in the manufacture of these batteries for cars and family not only providing power, also for power supply and other electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones, and these may be just the beginning of the tesla.

the tesla batteries made by panasonic, and then the tesla will these batteries assembled into the custom battery and battery module. Jeff said: “as panasonic’s largest battery buyers, tesla will require the best rate and the most affordable price, tesla into the energy market is very reasonable, because in the next few years, the energy market will usher in huge growth.”

it is Gogafactory factory to make a battery of lower price, so that electric cars with traditional automobile competitive in price. Perhaps tesla cannot fundamentally reduce the cost of the battery, but the energy storage technology will play an important role in the future, plans to continue. This would, however, americans drive less and less time, coupled with Google and unmanned Uber company envisaged services, these are not good news for tesla. In a world in which reduce the demand for cars, tesla may need to open up new business, selling its battery, may even be sold to other car companies, which could be the ticket to enter a new market.


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